Why Buy Acura Certified?

If you’re looking for a used Acura vehicle and want the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a car backed by the manufacturer as being in excellent condition, then you should definitely consider a certified pre-owned vehicle. Not only are these cars in better condition than average, they come with the same warranty coverage as a new model. Although the factory warranty is limited and isn’t as extensive as what you get when you purchase new, you’re still saving a ton of money because the car has depreciated in value in terms of the model year, not the actual vehicle condition.

A Rigorous Inspection Program

What constitutes eligibility for a used car to be considered certified varies by manufacturer, but all Acura certified pre-owned cars have been given a thorough multi-point inspection prior to being listed for sale. These cars are either lease vehicles that have been returned to the dealership or are trade-ins that are in excellent condition. The dealer must comply with the automaker’s regulations in order to list the vehicle as certified. Generally speaking, the car must be less than five years old, have less than 15K miles per year on the odometer, and have no cosmetic flaws.

The engine must be in excellent condition as well. The powertrain must not contain an inordinate number of aftermarket parts. The dealership is responsible for inspecting and certifying that the car meets the criteria outlined by the automaker.

Advantages Of Buying Certified Pre-Owned

Although you’ll pay a bit more to own a certified pre-owned Acura versus a used car sold by a dealer or third party, you get a vehicle that is in tip-top condition. You may enjoy an extension of the powertrain warranty, sometimes on the order of two or three years. Many dealers also throw in roadside assistance for as long as the extended warranty is in effect. Your insurance costs will be lower than what you’d be offered if the car wasn’t certified, and your interest rates will be lower should you choose to finance the car.

Our dealership is stocked with certified pre-owned Acura models, and all are priced competitively. Contact Pohanka Acura today to inquire about current inventory.

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