Which Acura Sedan is Bigger?

Acura remains one of the top luxury car brands in the world. An Acura sedan is a great choice for the drivers who are seeking a high level of passenger comfort. Let’s find out which sedan is the biggest.

The Perfect Fit for Every Family

Known for its strong fuel efficiency and balanced handling, the ILX is the smallest sedan produced by Acura. However, don’t underestimate the ILX’s compact package. It actually has one of the most accommodating cabins in the segment. A spacious backseat makes it a great choice for the typical family. If you need a bit more space to stretch out, step up to the midsize Acura TLX. Drivers love the TLX’s sleek styling and impressive performance capabilities. It is an upscale luxury sedan with the heart of a pure sports car. On the inside, the TLX surrounds you with a number of creature comforts. While the base TLX is a strong value, there is a long list of premium upgrades to choose from.

In terms of overall interior volume, the full-size Acura RLX sits atop the lineup. It is the ideal choice for the folks who need the maximum amount of room. Whether you are taking your family on a weekend cruise or enjoying an out-of-town business trip, the Acura RLX promises to provide an extremely relaxing environment. Like the rest of Acura’s luxury sedans, the RLX offers an amazing ride quality.

Choose Your Favorite Model

As you can see, all of Acura’s luxury sedans are designed to provide plenty of room. To find out which model suits you the best, contact Pohanka Acura to schedule a test drive.

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