How Does the Acura RDX Drive in Snow?

Known as one of the top small crossovers on the market, the Acura RDX promises to deliver an engaging performance. It is a great vehicle for traveling throughout the year. While front-wheel drive comes standard, Acura’s sophisticated AWD system enables the RDX to maintain outstanding traction in the snow.

A Reliable SUV for Snowy Conditions

Whether you are cruising along the interstate or maneuvering on a snow-packed city street, you can always count on the Acura RDX to inspire a great deal of confidence. It truly takes the stress out of driving on a wintry day. Because the RDX has a higher ground clearance than an AWD sedan, it is a more effective performer in deep snow. Keep in mind that Acura highly recommends the use of snow tires in some areas.

Handles Like a Nimble Sports Sedan

You will love how well the RDX remains glued to the pavement. Quick acceleration is yet another one of the RDX’s strong points. When accelerating, the AWD system enables you to obtain the ideal amount of grip. Expect the RDX to offer the driving experience of a genuine sports sedan.

To find out more information on the RDX’s performance capabilities in the snow, be sure to contact us at Pohanka Acura. You can also save time by scheduling a test drive in advance.

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