5 Fall Car Care Tips for Your Acura

Fall is a great time to focus on your car. It has survived August’s 100-degree days, and it is headed toward Northern Virginia winter. Here are five fall car care tips to make sure your ride doesn’t fall behind.

Lights and Wipers

Your interior and exterior lights become extremely important as the nights get longer. You’ll want to be sure that every bulb and fuse are working properly. Likewise, this is a good time to replace your front and rear wipers. Even if the fall doesn’t bring rain, you’ll be washing your windshield more often to rid yourself of autumn debris. As part of an oil change, you can have these checked at Pohanka Acura.


Regular commuting and long distance travel can cause major wear on your tires. You can test them by pushing a penny into the grooves. If you can see Lincoln’s head, the tread is getting low. You may need new tires for a reliable ride before winter weather threatens the car’s traction. You should also check your tires for unusual tread wear. If it is thin or bald in spots, this means more than new tires. You need to have your suspension checked. Even if you don’t need new tires, treat yourself to a tire rotation and balance. This will help your tires last as long as possible. Check out our tire service specials.


An aging battery will stress the starter and alternator. To make sure this isn’t happening to you, get a simple battery test from Pohanka Acura. A trained mechanic can tighten loose wires and check the alternator, eliminating the most common causes of early battery failure. You’ll save wear-and-tear on your car and ensure good starts on cold mornings.


Your brakes do a lot of work in our stop-and-go traffic. Hilly driving also takes its toll. Individual brakes get an extra workout because they are used by electronic traction controls to maintain stability. To make sure your brakes can function correctly, get a brake pad check. Replacing these pads is much cheaper than replacing the rotors. For that matter, pad replacement is much cheaper than an accident caused by failing brakes.

Basic Maintenance Check-up

Fall is a good time to catch up on your car’s maintenance plan. It may be time for vital fluid replacements for your transmission, brakes or steering. Obviously you don’t want to miss your deadline for an oil change or new spark plugs. A certified Acura mechanic can review all of your car systems, run diagnostics, and check for any potential problems. A quick correction now will keep the vehicle from breaking down later.

Be sure to visit us at Pohanka Acura for more tips on how to care for your Acura during the fall. With your car in top condition, you’ll be ready for a fall weekend getaway. Grab a jacket and get on the road.

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