Acura or Honda – Which is Better?

Over the past 30 years, Acura vehicles still reflect this cut-above-the-rest philosophy. The great news for buyers is that the prices are actually affordable and are within reach of the majority of those seeking a current year model. Honda vehicles are designed with the focus on family-friendly interiors, safety systems, and fuel efficiency. If performance and elegantly designed interiors and exteriors are the priority, Acura vehicles come out ahead.

Acura was created as a luxury car division of Honda in 1986, and the idea behind this move was to attract buyers who might be interested in an entry-level sedan or SUV priced a bit higher than the norm. This meant that the standard features list would be long, the interior materials quality would be a step above the more popular models in the average price range, and the outward appearance would give the impression of style and class.

Interior Luxury

The three current Acura sedans, the ILX, TLX, and RLX, fit nicely into their respective luxury car segments, namely compact, midsize, and full-size. The ILX is beautifully manicured on the inside, with soft plush upholstery throughout the cabin. The dash and forward consoles speak of elegance, with sharply contrasting tones and bright instrumentation being the standouts. The TLX is a larger version of the ILX and is similarly adorned on the inside. The family-size RLX is a bit pricier, but every dollar paid is worth it. Standard features and optional add-on packages make this a truly luxurious vehicle. The same can be said of the crossover models. Honda sedans include the Civic and Accord, both of which appeal to a large consumer base, but they lack the classy interiors of the Acura models. The three Honda SUV models are designed with family comfort in mind rather than upscale elegance.

Powertrain And Performance

Acura vehicles generally have more power available than their Honda counterparts. For example, the ILX sedan comes with a standard 201-horsepower engine, and this model provides much more pep throughout the gear range than does the Honda Civic or Accord. Most of the current Acura models also have dual-clutch, eight-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment. The result is a more sporty feel and better acceleration. Honda models are equipped with more prudent engines, and although they are quite drivable and easy to handle, they aren’t built with the same quality suspension systems as the Acura cars and SUVs.

High-Tech Options

Buyers don’t get left behind in the high-tech department if they settle for a new or late-model Honda. All of the uplevel trims on the sedan models include the complete driver awareness systems either as standard or as a package add-on. The screen interfaces are also nicely designed and easy to navigate. However, the Acura models, particularly the sedans, feature a longer list of infotainment hardware and software. Adaptive cruise control is also included on more of the trim levels than what is seen on Honda vehicles. Buyers of Acura cars and SUVs enjoy a better selection of optional premium sound systems as well.

All Honda cars and SUVs fit nicely into their respective segments, and a few of them, most notably the Accord, outpace the competition within the price segment. However, for a few dollars more in monthly payments, one can enjoy a more luxurious automobile. Contact us at Pohanka Acura today to inquire about our current Acura inventory, and schedule a test drive of the model of your choice.

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