AcuraWatch Plus Package – What Is Included?

Featuring cutting-edge active safety technology, the AcuraWatch Plus Package is optional in the Acura RDX and standard in the Acura MDX. This patented package uses radar, optical and other sensors to monitor road conditions in real time. Automatic braking and a dynamic cruise control are some of the highlights of this accident-mitigation suite.


The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) is linked to a radar sensor that precisely monitors another car that’s moving ahead of you. A small camera lens is also used to keep an eye on traffic that’s in front. When there’s a slight risk of a forward crash, the CMBS will appropriately apply the brakes. Designed to reduce your stress for extended trips, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) could be set to run on one of three settings. You may manually select the following distance to ensure a safe and smooth commute.


Another accident-mitigation feature in the AcuraWatch Plus Package is the Lane Keeping Assist System. This advanced technology keeps the vehicle moving within the marked boundaries of a single lane. Although gentle steering leverage is provided, you shouldn’t relax too much while navigating a curved or meandering road. When an unintentional lane drift is detected, the LKAS will issue visual warnings in the dashboard. The final feature in the package is the On Demand Multi-Information Display (ODMD) that has a touch-screen interface. This high-tech console shows a digital compass, driving settings, navigation directions, speed and many other important parameters in real time. For comparison purposes, Acura’s Technology Package is primarily designed to deliver supplemental entertainment and guidance. The AcuraWatch Plus technology prioritizes safety over luxury and other demands.


The AcuraWatch Plus Package gives you extra confidence for handling common driving conditions. By continuously monitoring the surroundings, this advanced system reduces your risk of getting into an accident. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or rolling slowly through heavy traffic in a busy city, this active safety suite delivers extra peace of mind in most settings.

Visit us at Pohanka Acura to learn more about the AcuraWatch Plus Package when you step into an Acura MDX or RDX. We’ll be happy to provide full details on this signature safety technology that’s available in select Acura models.

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