Reasons Why Your Checklight Is On

Whether you are rushing to work or cruising town without a deadline, it can come as a shock when the check engine light comes on. Your car may show no other signs of distress, but it is essential to have your engine checked without delay.

Oxygen Sensor

Your gasoline mixture is regulated by your car’s oxygen sensor. If it goes out, your fuel quality begins to decline, decreasing your fuel economy by 40 percent. Ignoring this problem can lead to damage to your spark plugs and, even worse, your catalytic converter.

Mass Airflow Sensor

Another key to gasoline quality, the mass airflow sensor monitors how much air is entering your engine. This allows it to adjust fuel use to appropriate levels. Without the sensor, the engine works harder than it should. This can damage the oxygen sensor and lead to further problems.

Spark Plugs

When your spark plugs begin to burn out, your engine can’t work as hard. It’s not getting enough energy. This stresses the system and can lead to be other system failures. You’ll be protecting more expensive engine parts by getting these plugs and wires replaced as needed.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter regulates your engine’s waste. If it is broken, then the vehicle is unlikely to pass emissions. Drivers will experience a higher operating temperature and reduced fuel economy.

EGR Valve

The exhaust gas re-circulation system keeps hot exhaust gases from leaving the system as emissions. This allows fuel to be used more efficiently and reduces pollution. Over time, the EGR valve may get worn out or clogged. Replacing it is much less expensive than losing a car to massive engine failure.

There are other reasons your check engine light may come on. The best way to find out what’s wrong is to have a qualified service tech, like those at our dealership, run a sophisticated diagnostic check.

Acting promptly protects your engine from bigger problems down the road. Make an appointment with our service department and get your car back on track.

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