When Should You Change Your Battery?

Just about everyone has had to deal with a drained car battery at some point. If they’re lucky, the battery is merely drained because of some careless mistake and can be easily jump-started. If not, the battery is either dead or dying and needs to be replaced.

The good news is that there are several signs that your battery needs to be replaced. If you know to watch for them, you can swap out your battery before you find yourself stranded someplace. Here are three major signs that your battery is near the end of its life.

It’s Older than Three Years

Even though new car batteries can last for years, they start to become less reliable around the three-year mark. Granted, your battery could last longer than that, but you should at least have it tested annually if you’ve had it for at least that long.

Your Battery Has a Low Fluid Level

Most car batteries have a translucent window in their casing that will show you its fluid level. If you notice that the level is lower than the battery’s energy conductor, it’s probably time to buy a replacement.

Your Battery is Leaking

If you have an old battery, you might notice some fluid leaking around the posts where the cable connectors are located. This might not be a catastrophic problem if it’s a small leak, but it’s definitely a sign that you have a problem. This fluid can corrode your posts and make it harder to jump-start your vehicle in an emergency, so consider having your battery replaced when you see this problem.

For more information about your car’s battery or to ask any other questions about your vehicle, contact Pohanka Acura today. Our staff will be ready to answer any of your vehicle maintenance questions.


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