3 Signs Your Acura Needs An Oil Change

Most Acura models are powered by the i-VTEC engine that delivers solid performance for daily trips. This signature powertrain needs to receive a routine oil change in order to operate according to the manufacturer’s standards. Here are three signs that might indicate the need for your Acura to get an oil change as soon as possible.

Noise Under the Hood

When your Acura’s engine block is not properly lubricated, it will make more noise than usual. Excessive friction in the moving components could create loud and unpleasant sounds that are heard in the cabin. Under normal operating conditions, the signature i-VTEC engine is supposed to run smoothly at minimum noise levels. The camshafts, cylinders and crankshafts of this patented powertrain need sufficient motor oil to overcome friction.

Slow and Weak Response

The tachometer reading in your Acura might indicate the urgent need for an oil change. Even after fully depressing the accelerator, you might notice a relatively slow response from the i-VTEC engine. A lack of sufficient motor oil naturally reduces the responsiveness of the entire powertrain. Therefore, your Acura might struggle to accelerate smoothly on the highway. Additionally, the Sequential SportShift transmission and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive might not work smoothly with an engine that has become less responsive.

Loss of Fuel Economy

Acura cars that are properly lubricated with motor oil offer great fuel economy on the highway and in the city. Most models come with digital instrument panels that precisely record and display the range and efficiency of your trips. The Sport Hybrid editions
might be dramatically impacted by an imbalance in the lubrication system of the gas engine. Even if you’re driving a hybrid Acura car, the quality of the oil can still have a major influence on the fuel economy. The regenerative braking technology also becomes less efficient when it’s paired with an engine that needs an urgent oil change.

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