Acura Spring Car Care Information

With the winter soon coming to an end, everyone is looking forward to the spring season. However, it’s vital your vehicle is prepared to handle the warmer weather. Here are some important spring car care tips to keep in mind.

Wash & Wax

During the colder months, your vehicle is exposed to a lot of road grime. Salt can be especially damaging its body and undercarriage. In order to preserve your car’s appearance, you must wash it on a regular basis. Not only will washing your vehicle help prevent rust buildup, but it’ll also keep the paint finish in good condition. It’s equally as important to wax your vehicle. Wax gives the exterior an extra layer of protection against the sun’s powerful UV rays. Detailing your vehicle will certainly help maintain its resale value.

Check Tire Pressure

Develop a habit of checking your tire pressure every few weeks. Driving around on under-inflated tires can dramatically lower your fuel economy. Most importantly, it puts you at a higher risk of having an accident. According to highway safety experts, under-inflated tires are more likely to suddenly blow out on the road. You can also expect to experience diminished handling and decreased traction during raining conditions. A digital tire pressure gauge is an inexpensive device that every driver should keep on hand.

Check the Engine

Don’t forget to check your engine. When traveling in hot environments, the engine needs to be in top-notch condition. Take the time to check your coolant level. A lack of coolant will likely lead to engine overheating. The extreme temperatures can cause a lot of damage, including blown head gaskets. It’s also a good idea to inspect your vehicle’s coolant hoses and belts. If the rubber has become brittle, have these important components replaced immediately. Breaking down along a busy interstate is bound to ruin your day.

Make it a priority to properly maintain your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to contact the dealership to schedule a service at Pohanka Acura dealership of Chantilly, VA.


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