Acura Luxury Technology Features

<p>Acura continues to be a leader in advanced vehicle technology. From the newest driver assist and safety systems to the onboard entertainment and infotainment hardware and software, new model Acura vehicles bring a lot of innovation to the table. Buyers should be aware of the importance of these systems now available because they keep everyone safe as well as make the trip more enjoyable. Today, think of an Acura as a smartphone on four wheels. That’s how advanced the convenience features and safety systems are on a brand now sedan or crossover from Acura.</p>



<p>This is a special package of systems available on all new 2018 models. Included in the package is adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure and road departure warning and mitigation, and blind-spot monitoring. No driver should skimp when it comes to vehicle and passenger safety, and remember that the insurance premiums will take a dip as well. AcuraWatch or AcuraWatch Plus is standard on top-end trims of most models and can be added as a package option on nearly every trim of Acura cars and crossovers.


<h2>Smartphone Integration</h2>

<p>Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are something everyone needs to stay informed and in touch. Acura makes this easy with the inclusion of full smartphone app integration on every model. When programmed, the screen display brings up information on the best restaurants and how to get there, shows messages and notifications, and programs a music library. Voice commands via Siri with iPhone is another nice feature. The crisp screen display is easy to navigate, and drivers will wonder how they every got along without it.</p>


<h2>Surround-View Camera</h2>

<p>A rearview camera is nice, but how about seeing everything in all directions? The Surround-View camera system on select Acura model trims takes the worry and stress out of parking in tight spaces. The four cameras can see over the top of other vehicles and can be programmed to display multi-view on the screen. The display also shows guidelines that conform to the actual tilt of the wheels, making it easy to see how much the vehicle will stray from a straight line when backing up or navigating tight turns in a parking garage.</p>


<p>These systems sounded like science fiction just a few years ago, but Acura has brought them to you. Check out the various models and trims to see which ones include these important systems as standard or optional.</p>


<p><i>Come by Pohanka Acura today to inspect the new models and to see how the advanced luxury technology works. Call us to ask about current inventory and to schedule a test drive of the model of your choice.</i></p>

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