What is Acura Maintenance Minder?

Acura’s aren’t just special because of how comfortable and powerful they are, they’re also unique because they do a better job at notifying you when you should take your vehicle in for maintenance than nearly any other make. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an Acura or you’re not sure how yours works yet, this guide on the Acura Maintenance Minder is for you. If you ever have any questions, make sure that you stop by Pohanka Acura and talk to our experienced and friendly staff.

The main display for your Maintenance Minder system is typically right below your speed gauge. There, you’ll see notifications that tell you when and what to service. For example, you’ll generally see a wrench followed by a code. This maintenance system does a bit more than competitors’ oil change monitors or tire pressure monitors, since it will show you a diagram of your car and the PSI for each of the wheels. If you’re driving a model that has AcuraLink, you’ll get reminders on the center console for any appointments that you’ve set via the MyAcura website. It’ll also give you the ability to call your dealer, schedule or reschedule an appointment, and more.

Any oil change reminder that you get via the Acura Maintenance Minder isn’t arbitrary, since it also monitors your driving conditions. For example, if you’ve driven fewer miles but have been in stop-and-go traffic, your Acura will know to alert you that it’s time for an oil change sooner. The Maintenance Minder looks at a few other things on a mileage basis and tells you when to replace your air filter, transmission fluid, spark plugs, engine coolant, get tire rotations, and more.

To understand the message that the Acura Maintenance Minder gives you, look at the letter and number sequence. For example, if you see a wrench followed by an A, you know that you need an oil change. If you see a B, you know right away that you need to change either your engine oil, oil filter, tires, or rear brakes.  Check your owner’s manual to understand other codes, or just bring your vehicle into Pohanka Acura and our Service Department will take a look.

At Pohanka Acura, we have extended hours and don’t require an appointment for service. Find a time in your busy schedule when you can bring your vehicle in, and our team will be ready for you. Hope to see you soon!

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