Why Should I Have My Acura Serviced at a Dealership?

Acura is unique because its cars have their own built-in maintenance system. When you have all of your records and reminders coming from the same source, it’s almost impossible to miss important service or repairs. Although you can get your Acura serviced by any dependable technician, there are so many benefits to bringing your car in to an Acura dealership. We’ll explain why in greater detail below, but if you have any questions in the meantime, come visit us at Pohanka Acura.

Maintenance Minder System

The Acura Maintenance Minder system is the main reason why you would want to bring your vehicle into an Acura dealership. This system monitors tire pressure, oil life, and the time between cabin air filter replacements, tire rotations, and much more. Anytime you’re due for service, you’ll see a letter followed by a sequence of numbers appear under your speed gauge. To understand what the code means, check your owner’s manual. Of course, if you get a code, you’re always welcome to come to Pohanka Acura and have our seasoned and certified Service Department take a look.

This unique system doesn’t merely give you service notifications, it also synchronizes with the MyAcura website, so you can call your dealer, reschedule an appointment, and get reminders from the center console. Because of this synchronization, it’s highly recommended that you have your Maintenance Minder system properly updated by Acura staff. If you don’t have a certified Acura technician working on your vehicle, there’s no telling if your Service Record will get updated, and if it does, whether the information is accurate or not.

Certified Acura Technicians

There are a few other variables to consider that should encourage you to bring your vehicle to Pohanka Acura. First, there’s a chance that someone who used to be an Acura-certified technician has opened their own independent shop. However, their factory knowledge may be many years old, and their knowledge of the Maintenance Minder system and Service Record protocol may be severely limited.

Lastly, when you come to a garage like Pohanka Acura, you know that you’re getting the OEM parts and the procedures that Acura recommends, so your vehicle will be healthier for far longer. There’s no telling what an independent technician might do incorrectly, so you’re better off erring on the safer side and bringing your car to us.

Make your life easy and come get your Acura serviced at a dealership. At Pohanka Acura, we don’t require appointments, so come whenever you get the chance. Hope to see you soon!

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