Which is Bigger: Acura MDX or Acura RDX?

The 2019 Acura MDX is a full size SUV crossover, but the RDX is slotted in the mid-sized category. You’ll find that some vehicles look larger on the exterior than they do from inside the cabin. There are also variables that affect how big a vehicle really is in terms of ride height and ground clearance.


These are both crossover SUVs with similar body style, but one is noticeably larger than the other. The Acura MDX is wider, longer and heavier. The MDX is 196.2 inches in length and 77.7 inches wide (mirrors folded in). It has a base curb weight of 4,032 lbs. The 201 Acura RDX is 186.8 inches long and 74.8 inches wide (mirrors folded in). The width is similar to the MDX, but it’s a much lighter vehicle. The 2019 Acura RDX weighs in at 3,783 lbs.


The Acura MDX is the obvious choice for a larger vehicle exterior, but you might be surprised about the roominess of these Acura interiors. The 2019 Acura MDX has a maximum cargo volume of 90.9 cubic feet and 132.7 cubic feet of passenger volume. The smaller Acura RDX has 58.9 cubic feet of cargo volume and 104 cubic feet for passengers. The MDX is meant to seat seven passengers whereas the Acura RDX comfortably fits five. Surprisingly, the Acura RDX has 39.6 inches of front headroom and the MDX has 38.1. The RDX also has slightly more front legroom.


There are other variables that affect how big a vehicle might appear. For example, the 2019 Acura MDX has a minimum ground clearance of 5.6 inches and the RDX has a minimum ground clearance of 5.7 inches, making the two seem virtually identical in that aspect. Also, the height of the full-sized MDX is 67.4 inches whereas the ride height of the RDX is 65.7 inches. These variables can make the mid-sized RDX seem equal in size to the full-sized MDX.

Take a Closer Look

Both of these Acura crossover SUVs are highly-rated for their safety, style and performance. The 2019 Acura MDX is larger because it sits seven passengers, but the RDX has impressive interior space. You really need to get a closer look to see which Acura crossover is right for you. So, contact Pohanka Acura to book a test drive in the MDX and RDX today.

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