Do Acuras Need Premium Fuel?

No matter which model of Acura you drive, you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle designed for powerful, efficient performance. And if you’re reading this, you probably want to get the very most out of all it has to offer! That’s why Pohanka Acura is passionate about sharing the most helpful maintenance information possible. Specifically, we’d like to discuss the difference between regular and premium gasoline, and why the latter is essential for maximizing your Acura’s performance.

It’s understandable if you haven’t paid much attention to the different fuel ratings offered at the pump — the cheapest option seems to work fine, so why spend the extra few cents per gallon? However, there are real differences between them. A gasoline’s octane rating refers to its stability during the combustion process, which is when it mixes with air in your engine to ignite and propel you toward your destination. A lower octane rating, like the 87 of regular gas, means that the fuel is more likely to ignite prematurely, whereas premium gasoline has a higher rating of 91 and is more resistant to premature ignition.

So, what does that mean for your car? Acuras are designed for high performance, boasting engines that are often outfitted with turbochargers and feature higher-than-average compression ratios. In short, this makes the timing of the fuel ignition even more critical — with a lower-octane gas like regular 87, premature ignition can cause “engine knocking,” a mechanical malfunction that will damage your engine and degrade its performance over time. If you fill your Acura with premium fuel and its higher compression rating, you’ll minimize the risk of problematic ignition and keep your engine humming along smoothly.

However, if you’ve been using regular 87 fuel for a while now and are concerned, don’t fret! At Pohanka Acura, our highly-trained team of ASE-certified technicians can take an in-depth look at your engine and perform any maintenance you might need. But to avoid that or more expensive services in the future, we strongly recommend that you follow Acura’s advice and fill your high-performance vehicle with equally high-performance premium fuel.

Do Acuras need premium fuel? Now you know! And should you have any more questions about this or any other aspect of your Acura, never hesitate to contact us via our website or a quick call to Pohanka Acura’s Service Department at 571-350-9279. As always, we don’t require an appointment and are open until midnight on weeknights, so stop by whenever is convenient for you and keep that Acura in tip-top shape!

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