When Do Acura Timing Belts Need to Be Changed?

When it comes to maintaining your Acura, there can be a lot to keep in mind. Luckily, Pohanka Acura has a full century of experience in car service and maintenance, so you’ve come to the right place for advice and assistance! Let’s focus on an engine part that you might not have heard much about, but is definitely a critical one — the timing belt. Read on to learn more about it and how you can ensure yours stays up to snuff!

Think of the timing belt as the conductor of your engine’s operation. It coordinates the air intake valves, ensuring they open and close at the right time so that combustion can occur and propel your vehicle where you want it to go. Needless to say, if the timing is off, the engine is in trouble. It will quickly shut down, but not before the pistons come into harsh contact with other engine parts, leaving expensive internal damage and a tow truck in your future!

The good news is that timing belts generally last for quite a while, and the typical driver might not ever need to have one replaced or repaired. However, eventually it will make sense to have yours checked out once you’ve traveled far enough that it could be at risk. At Acura, we generally recommend the 90,000-mile mark as a good time to set up a timing belt inspection. You may want to consider a check-up sooner if your car idles more frequently than average, or if your travels require you to drive at low speeds for extended distances — in these cases, your timing belt may experience extra stress or strain.

When you do decide that it’s time, the Service Center at Pohanka Acura is standing by to assist you! We don’t require an appointment, and we’re open until midnight every weeknight. If you do want to lock in a particular time, give the ‘Service’ tab of our website a click and you’ll be able to schedule one with ease. There, you’ll also find our current coupons and service specials, so be sure to see if your service qualifies for any discounts! And when you do come in, you can count on Pohanka’s legendary hospitality — enjoy our comfortable waiting area while an ASE-certified technician completes any repairs you may need, usually in two hours or less. And, as always, we’ll give your car a courtesy wash for good measure.

When do Acura timing belts need to be changed? Now you know! If your car is in the 90,000-mile range, don’t wait and wonder if all is well under your hood — let Pohanka Acura take a quick and easy look for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our dealership!

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