Acura vs Toyota | Which is Better?

Acura vs Toyota
If you are like many of today’s car buyers, you may initially try to narrow down your options by looking at a specific automaker. Both Acura and Toyota are respected Japanese automakers that produce an excellent selection of cars and SUVs, so you may be inclined to compare these two brands head-to-head. However, by doing so, you may realize that these two brands are actually very different.


Luxurious Models

Acura is a luxury brand that is owned and operated by Honda. It was established in 1986 and is notably the first Japanese luxury brand from any automaker. Acura is known for producing high-quality sedans, coupes and SUVs that are both larger and smaller in size and that are loaded with refined materials and innovative features. Some of its luxury models include the ZDX, the TLX, the RLX, the ILX and others. Toyota is a popular automotive brand from Japan as well, but it is not a luxury brand. Instead, it runs its own luxury brand that competes with Acura, and this brand is Lexus. Therefore, the Toyota vehicles have exceptional quality and great features, but they lack the luxury element that its higher-end Lexus vehicles have. Some of the recent Toyota models include the Camry, Corolla, RAV4 and others.


Performance Capabilities

Toyota and Acura both have high-performance vehicles that have stellar performance capabilities as well as more refined vehicles that are designed for a responsive, smooth drive through town. Because Acura is a luxury brand, you can generally expect to find most sophisticated performance-based features in its models. With substantial variation, however, it is important to compare capabilities of individual vehicles directly.


Innovative Features

Toyota offers both more affordable and higher-level vehicles. Some of its vehicles, therefore, have minimal features and may lack modern innovations based on the price point of the vehicle. Because Acura is a luxury brand, even the lower trim levels may be well-appointed with fine materials and innovative features. This includes tech features, safety features and performance features.

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