Why Did Acura Discontinue the RSX?

The automotive field is an experimentation that is always in progress. Knowing what consumers will buy is a continuous guessing game.


The RSX grew out of the earlier Integra model and was both sporty and fun to drive. It had a 2.0 liter engine putting out 155 HP with plenty of cargo room in the hatchback space. The Acura was front wheel drive and might have done better being a rear wheel drive model, or perhaps AWD. This would have added to the fun factor in driving. The overall design was basically a 3 door hatchback which didn’t have any distinguishing features that gave it a true identity. It was a lightweight coupe that got 27 MPG in the city and 35 on the road.

The RSX is still an overall good car that is dependable and fun to drive. Finding a used RSX at a great value will give you years of driving pleasure. These models are still available for those wanting a piece of history that will increase in value as a collectible. For more information on the RSX, check us out at Pohanka Acura for a test drive.

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