What is Acura’s Super Handling AWD?

Whether you like to spend your time tackling off-road terrain in your SUV or simply prefer to feel in control when adverse weather strikes, having a vehicle equipped with AWD is often an indispensable asset. However, since not all AWD configurations are created equal, Pohanka Acura wants to tell you more about Acura’s exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ system!

How Does SH-AWD® Work?

Since it first appeared in the 2004 Acura RL, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ has been keeping drivers in command of their vehicle, thanks to its ability to transfer engine torque to the wheels that need it most. Without getting too technical, this system allows power to be continuously transferred and distributed between the front and rear wheels. In fact, up to 100% of the rear power can go to the outer right or left wheel during sharp turns to keep your car balanced. Similarly, if you’re traveling over slick surfaces and begin to lose traction, the system can sense which wheel or wheels require additional power, so you don’t end up spinning out.

Acura Vehicles with SH-AWD®

Depending on your driving style and other preferences, Acura’s SH-AWD® can enhance your agility or provide peace of mind when conditions are less than ideal. For instance, performance sedans like the TLX and RLX include this system to help you tackle winding roads like a professional for nimble performance that’s difficult to top. Meanwhile, SUVs such as the RDX and MDX use this system to both increase efficiency and stability. Under normal conditions, most of the engine’s power goes to the front wheels, effectively allowing the vehicle to perform like a 2WD model. However, during events like hard acceleration or sudden slippage, torque allocation is adjusted to provide optimal traction and control.

The Future of SH-AWD®

As a company that’s constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, Acura now offers a hybrid version of SH-AWD®. For instance, in the MDX Sport Hybrid model, the system utilizes a Power Distribution Unit to measure the vehicle’s current output and make adjustments based on the current need. Just like with its counterpart, this hybrid version of SH-AWD® works to improve your fuel efficiency by sending power only to the front wheels during highway travel. Your economy is further enhanced by systems like Variable Cylinder Management™, allowing you to enjoy the enhanced control of AWD while still achieving competitive hybrid fuel efficiency!

Have you been wondering lately, “What is Acura’s Super Handling AWD?” We hope that this overview has cleared a few things up! To test out a vehicle equipped with this robust system, head on over to Pohanka Acura the next time you’re free.

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