Why Did Acura Discontinue Stick-Shift Models? | Pohanka Acura

If you’ve been searching for a new Acura that offers a stick-shift model, you won’t find stick-shift manual transmissions in new Acura models. In fact, the Acura brand discontinued stick-shift models a few years ago. Here’s why.


The demand for stick-shift vehicles has diminished.

For several years, the demand for newer model stick-shift vehicles has significantly decreased in North America. Quite frankly, the majority of customers are no longer interested in manually shifting gears in their vehicles.

As a result of decreased demands, the executives at the Acura brand decided to discontinue production of stick-shift models. The brand shifted its focus on offerings and amenities that are more desirable to customers.


Many customers enjoy the convenience of automatic vehicles.

When it comes to staying connected and enjoying convenience features, modern car buyers wouldn’t want anything to stand in their way. This includes a stick-shift vehicle.

Just think about modern driving practices for a moment. Many drivers take pride in enjoying a beverage while they’re operating their vehicles. Another thing drivers enjoy is exploring their vehicle’s technology features. Operating a stick-shift would get in the way of the modern driving experience.


It’s easier to maximize fuel efficiency with automatic vehicles.

For the Acura brand, optimized fuel efficiency is essential. Not only do our loyal brand enthusiasts count on us to provide them with innovative cars, they want excellent fuel economy.

By providing our customers with automatic cars that are fuel efficient, we are able to ensure that owning an Acura vehicle will enhance their lives. That’s important to the Acura brand.

At Pohanka Acura, we are excited about our current inventory of automatic cars and SUVs. Whether you’re in the market for a new Acura vehicle or a certified pre-owned vehicle, we can assist you. Visit Pohanka Acura to explore our selection of vehicles today.

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