Is Acura Considered a Luxury Brand?

If you’re interested in a luxury vehicle? You’re probably wondering what luxury means? First, it’s important to realize a luxury car can be created by any brand on the market. To be considered a luxury vehicle, the car offers high-end details, fine interior details, and go above and beyond what others in the market do. Now that you know what earns a vehicle the highly sought after designation, you realize that Acura can be considered a luxury brand.

Acura’s Luxury Sedans

Acura has several luxury sedans on the market including the ILX, RLX, and TLX. The ILX is a sports compact sedan. Sexy curves, huge LED headlights, and a fine interior will impress car buyers. The TLX is a family-size sedan that looks nothing like what your grandma drives.

The most luxurious sedan from Acura is the RLX. The large sedan offers top-of-the-line technology, driver assistance, and drives like a dream.

Acura Luxury SUVs

In addition to sedans, Acura also offers SUVs. The RDX is a luxury crossover SUV that delivers comfort, style, and performance at the same time. The MDX is a larger version of the RDX and offers a third-row seat. Each of these luxurious vehicles is made to impress.

Now that you’re aware that any car manufacturer can create a luxury vehicle, you can broaden your horizons. Acura has a reputation of creating quality and performance vehicles. The car company doesn’t brag about their luxury line because they don’t have too. The ones that drive these vehicles have found a hidden gem that allows them to enjoy what the upscale sedans and SUVs offer without paying a huge price tag.

If you’re ready to find out more about the luxury vehicles from this car manufacturer, visit us today at Pohanka Acura. Our team will answer all your questions and even take you for a test ride.

What is Acura Total Luxury Care?

When searching for the ideal vehicle, you should keep a few things in mind besides just performance specs, interior comforts, and safety features. As a way to demonstrate its wholehearted commitment to going above and beyond for its customers, Acura has a program called Total Luxury Care. Much more than just a customer service hotline, this package includes a variety of services, including roadside assistance, service loaner cars, and much more. There’s plenty to discover about Acura TLC and we’ll be discussing some its benefits shortly. You can always learn more by visiting Pohanka Acura during our convenient hours!

Acura TLC

In order to prove to customers that they’ll be well-cared for should they choose to take home a new Acura, the company announced the Total Luxury Care (TLC) program in 1996. Each and every model is included, meaning that buyers of a new ILX, RDX, RSX, and everything in between can enjoy these enviable benefits. These value-added services are intended to separate the Acura brand from the competition as more customer-focused and accommodating. Let’s dive into some of the services that are offered, so you can see what you’ll get if decide to purchase a new Acura!

Roadside Assistance

Perhaps the most well-known and important advantage of Acura TLC, the Roadside Assistance program gives you peace of mind whenever you head out for a drive. You’ll be able to take advantage of 24-hour emergency towing, a 24-hour toll-free number to help you find an Acura dealer nearest to your current location, exclusive concierge services, travel discounts, and more. Plus, while your favorite vehicle is getting repaired, you can receive a free loaner car, so you’re not left stranded. Clearly, Acura TLC has you covered in the event that the unthinkable occurs!

Additional Benefits

In addition to getting you out of a jam, Acura Total Luxury Care also goes the extra mile to welcome new owners when they finally sign the paperwork and receive the keys. At the time of delivery, you’ll receive a Welcome Package that includes important information, an exclusive membership card, and some useful items like a tire gauge and flashlight. If you leased your new Acura, you’ll receive advice from our experts to help make it as seamless as possible to renew your lease on the latest edition.

If you’ve ever been asked, “What is Acura Total Luxury Care?” now you can tell your friends all about it! Thanks to the wide variety of benefits that this program provides, it’s easy to understand why so many drivers love owning an Acura. At Pohanka Acura, our staff would love to tell you more and show off the newest vehicles!

Can an Acura RDX Tow a Trailer?

If you’re looking to hit the road in outstanding comfort and style, a luxury crossover like the Acura RDX could be your one-way ticket to an unforgettable weekend. Despite being an upscale vehicle, the RDX isn’t solely concerned with good looks and impressive amenities. In fact, you’ll still find all the muscle and vigor that your excursions require beneath the hood, proving that the RDX has what it takes! In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the towing capabilities of this fine set of wheels. For more information, feel free to visit the staff at Pohanka Acura!

Power in the RDX

We’ll get right down to business by first discussing what lies at the heart of the Acura RDX. In the 2019 iteration, a commanding 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine delivers a robust 272-hp and 280 lb.-ft. of torque when you step on the gas. Furthermore, this powertrain is paired with a lively 10-speed automatic transmission for seamless acceleration and responsive handling. To really crank up the capabilities, you can upgrade the drivetrain to the available Super-Handing All-Wheel Drive™ and experience heightened traction and control in challenging terrain and road conditions.

Towing Capacity

In order to harness the muscle of the RDX’s engine, you’ll first need to fit your crossover with the proper equipment. We highly recommend that a professional performs the installation to ensure that everything is safe and secure. These components include a receiver-style hitch and ball, as well as an available wiring harness, ball mount, and other components for additional support. Once fastened to the back of your vehicle, you’ll get to enjoy a 1,500-lb. towing capacity1!

Safety on the Road

Whenever you head out the door for an adventure and plan to bring along an attachment, there are several safety precautions you should take before, during, and after the journey. First, always inspect the hitch to ensure that’s in good condition. Before attempting to tow for the first time, it might be a good idea to get some practice in at a secure, open location to familiarize yourself with how your vehicle handles. Trailering requires a specific set of skills and necessitates that you take more time when slowing down, turning corners, and backing up. Finally, always be certain to stay within the RDX’s maximum towing capacity to avoid potential mechanical issues.

Can an Acura RDX tow a trailer? Yes, it can! As long as you have the proper equipment, practice beforehand, and keep safety at the forefront, you won’t have much trouble taking your endeavors to new heights. If you have any questions or would like to take the latest edition for a test drive, visit Pohanka Acura!


  1. See dealer or Owner’s Manual for additional information.

Difference Between RDX Trims | Pohanka Acura FAQs

2019 RDX Grille

When you are choosing the RDX for you and your needs, you have four choices. The standard RDX is definitely well-equipped. However, the Technology, Advance and A-Spec really define what’s good about today’s automotive fashion.


RDX Technology

Whether your emphasis is on style or technology, the RDX Technology edition has you covered. Milano leather comes in Ebony, Espresso, Parchment and Greystone. Dressed with contrast stitching, front seats are 12-way power adjustable. A panoramic sunroof is a finishing touch.

GPS-Linked Climate Control helps make you truly comfortable in any weather. With the True Touchpad Interface, you have access to HD Radio, Bluetooth streaming audio, 3D View navigation, and Apple CarPlay. There are four USB ports including two for backseat passengers.

These models add even more crash avoidance features. Tilt-down mirrors and parking sensors complement the rearview camera and rear cross-traffic alert. To avoid travel dangers, there’s an automatic collision mitigation system that warns the driver and actually brakes when needed. The lane keeping system and road departure system can actively steer to help the driver maintain the correct trajectory.


2019 RDX Advanced Package


If luxury is your main aim, the Advance package has everything you’ll find on the Technology and much more. Front seats can be heated and ventilated. Furthermore, this is the only RDX model with standard heated rear seats. Another exclusive, 16-way power seats offer thigh extension and power side bolsters. The extensive entertainment system includes a 16-speaker ELS Studio 3D Premium audio system. A head-up display shows you your speed, your next turn, and other important information. Exterior amenities include rain-sensing wipers, and a rearview camera washer. Hands-free access is added to the power liftgate, and acoustic front side glass complements the standard acoustic windshield.


2019 RDX A-Spec


For those for who want the sportiest style, the A-Spec is the answer. Its designer cabin wears Milano leather and ultrasuede accents. It also adds Red as an upholstery choice. Dark Brushed Aluminum Trim, an Ebony headliner and an A-Spec steering wheel further set this model apart from the Advance.

Still not sure? You can do some hands-on research at our Acura dealership in Chantilly, VA. Contact us to take a test drive at Pohanka Acura.

Difference Between Acura MDX Trims | Pohanka Acura FAQs

2019 Acura MDX Trims

The new Acura MDX offers ample features on its standard edition. Packages let you explore more options and add more of today’s favorites. Choosing a trim may mean focusing on the things you love best about luxury cars.


If you love dash tech, the MDX Technology Package is for you. For starters, the touch interface has the Acura Navigation System with 3D Views. Real-Time Traffic™ can show you what’s happening on specific streets and highways. Traffic Rerouting can show you the way around a traffic jam. This model has GPS-Linked Climate Control which is a high-tech way to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Acura provides you with many tools to avoid trouble. The collision mitigation brake and forward collision warning are complemented by a lane keeper, a road departure system, and a blind spot information system. Low-speed follow makes adaptive cruise control easy to use in busy traffic. Parking aids include the Surround-View Camera and rear cross-traffic monitor.

Rear Entertainment Package

If you add the Entertainment package to the Technology package, you have a kid-friendly MDX. It has a DVD Rear Entertainment Screen and adds sunshades for the second row. Taking the edge off of winter, this model has second-row heated captain’s chairs. Acura makes the third row easy to access with its One-Touch Smart Slide seats.


The Advance package is a driver’s friend. It adds ventilation and heating capability to the 14-way driver’s seat. Easily programmed, the system moves the seat where you need it for driving and for exit. Drivers will appreciate the heated steering wheel and rain-sensing wipers. Improving the SUV’s response to driver commands, an Active Damper System benefits handling. It also improves ride quality for passengers. If you choose the rear entertainment package, Acura supplies a 16.2-Inch Ultrawide Full HDMI-compatible screen. Luxury lovers will appreciate the Advance combination of Milano leather and Alcantara suede-like accents. The designer cabin really pops with the available Red upholstery.

If you want a better look at these and other MDX choices, your destination is Pohanka Acura. A test drive is a good way to discover this remarkable SUV.

Why is the Acura ILX So Popular?

There are myriad luxury sedans out there on the road, but one option that gets a considerable amount of attention is the Acura ILX. In fact, you’ve probably seen one cruise past you on the highway! As Acura’s compact sedan, this outstanding set of wheels packs an impressive amount of technology and accommodations within its cabin to offer an unforgettable experience behind the wheel. To help you understand what exactly makes the ILX so popular, the team at Pohanka Acura is here to review its history, inspiration, and what you can expect in the current iteration!

History and Concept

When the Acura ILX first debuted in 2012, it made an immediate impression upon the automotive world. Boasting a design that the company referred to as “aero-fused dynamics”, the luxury compact sedan was truly a stunner. Fans of Acura and Honda most likely recognized that its shape and style were closely related to the Honda Civic, while true enthusiasts might have also noticed similarities between the ILX and Acura’s discontinued compact sedan, the RSX, which had been ceased production several years earlier in 2006. Since its original release, this sedan has gone through one facelift—in 2016—that saw the addition of the optional A-Spec trim for a sportier exterior.

2018 Acura ILX

Now that you know a bit more about the history of the ILX, let’s discuss what the 2018 edition can offer you! As you would expect, under the hood is a sufficient amount of power, courtesy of the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. To enhance your experience behind the wheel, this powertrain comes paired with a lively 8-speed automatic transmission. Behind the wheel, you’ll enjoy the pinnacle of luxury, as this sedan is equipped with standard leatherette-trimmed and heated seats for your ultimate comfort. Furthermore, staying entertained certainly isn’t a challenge, thanks to the standard 6-speaker audio system and variety of infotainment advancements. Finally, staying safe and secure on the road is a breeze. For your peace of mind, you’ll find a suite of safety systems in the ILX, so traveling across town or even across the country isn’t a daunting endeavor.

So, why is the Acura ILX so popular? For several years now, this luxury compact sedan has impressed drivers from coast to coast with its selection of engaging features and exhilarating performance capabilities. If you’d like to take the latest iteration for a spin around the block, pay a visit to the knowledgeable staff at Pohanka Acura.

Does Acura Sell Any Hybrid Models?

Is it your greatest desire to drive home in a vehicle that supplies both the luxurious amenities and responsible efficiency rating that you crave? If so, you’re in luck! Whether you prefer to be in command of a capable sedan or a robust SUV, Acura has a model that can meet your needs and expectations. Though we’ll review what these vehicles have to offer shortly, we invite you to swing by Pohanka Acura to experience these options in person during a test drive with one of our sales professionals. We’re located at 13911 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy in Chantilly, VA!

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

That’s right! Acura’s flagship sedan, the RLX, is available as a hybrid. If you end up opting for the Sport Hybrid trim of this luxury large car, you’ll get an outstanding fuel economy rating in addition to an assortment of accommodating amenities. With the 3-Motor Hybrid System, you’ll receive combined output of 377-hp1 and 341 lb.-ft. of torque1, so you certainly won’t have to worry about growing bored or uninspired. Plus, the 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission will help you keep everything within your control. The interior of this stunning sedan includes everything from supple upholstery and spacious dimensions, to the latest in entertainment and safety technology. Best of all, you can get these features while still remaining efficient!

Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

If you’re hoping to still enjoy the benefits a hybrid vehicle but need a bit more capacity, then then Acura MDX is the model for you. Its 3-Motor System includes a 3.0L V6 engine and supplies you with a total system output of 321-hp1 and 289 lb.-ft. of torque1 without compromising your fuel rating. Just like its counterpart, it also comes paired with a 7-speed motor-integrated Dual Clutch transmission for smooth shifting and effortless acceleration. On the inside, you’ll still find the roomy dimensions that you know and love, including a maximum cargo area2 of 90.9 cubic ft. when you fold down the second and third rows. After you’ve loaded up the gear for your next adventure, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re behind the wheel of such an exceptional hybrid SUV!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “Does Acura sell any hybrid models?” now you have the answer! Both the RLX and the MDX can be equipped with a hybrid system, so you can enjoy the features and capabilities of your favorite Acura vehicles while still doing your part to use less fuel. For more information, stop into Pohanka Acura today!



  1. Horsepower and torque figures includes the maximum power of the engine and all motors combined that can be produced at any one time. Not SAE net.
  2. Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus floor space between first and second seats and front seats moved forward. This figure compares more accurately with most competitive measurements.

Why Should I Have My Acura Serviced at a Dealership?

Acura is unique because its cars have their own built-in maintenance system. When you have all of your records and reminders coming from the same source, it’s almost impossible to miss important service or repairs. Although you can get your Acura serviced by any dependable technician, there are so many benefits to bringing your car in to an Acura dealership. We’ll explain why in greater detail below, but if you have any questions in the meantime, come visit us at Pohanka Acura.

Maintenance Minder System

The Acura Maintenance Minder system is the main reason why you would want to bring your vehicle into an Acura dealership. This system monitors tire pressure, oil life, and the time between cabin air filter replacements, tire rotations, and much more. Anytime you’re due for service, you’ll see a letter followed by a sequence of numbers appear under your speed gauge. To understand what the code means, check your owner’s manual. Of course, if you get a code, you’re always welcome to come to Pohanka Acura and have our seasoned and certified Service Department take a look.

This unique system doesn’t merely give you service notifications, it also synchronizes with the MyAcura website, so you can call your dealer, reschedule an appointment, and get reminders from the center console. Because of this synchronization, it’s highly recommended that you have your Maintenance Minder system properly updated by Acura staff. If you don’t have a certified Acura technician working on your vehicle, there’s no telling if your Service Record will get updated, and if it does, whether the information is accurate or not.

Certified Acura Technicians

There are a few other variables to consider that should encourage you to bring your vehicle to Pohanka Acura. First, there’s a chance that someone who used to be an Acura-certified technician has opened their own independent shop. However, their factory knowledge may be many years old, and their knowledge of the Maintenance Minder system and Service Record protocol may be severely limited.

Lastly, when you come to a garage like Pohanka Acura, you know that you’re getting the OEM parts and the procedures that Acura recommends, so your vehicle will be healthier for far longer. There’s no telling what an independent technician might do incorrectly, so you’re better off erring on the safer side and bringing your car to us.

Make your life easy and come get your Acura serviced at a dealership. At Pohanka Acura, we don’t require appointments, so come whenever you get the chance. Hope to see you soon!

What is Acura Maintenance Minder?

Acura’s aren’t just special because of how comfortable and powerful they are, they’re also unique because they do a better job at notifying you when you should take your vehicle in for maintenance than nearly any other make. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an Acura or you’re not sure how yours works yet, this guide on the Acura Maintenance Minder is for you. If you ever have any questions, make sure that you stop by Pohanka Acura and talk to our experienced and friendly staff.

The main display for your Maintenance Minder system is typically right below your speed gauge. There, you’ll see notifications that tell you when and what to service. For example, you’ll generally see a wrench followed by a code. This maintenance system does a bit more than competitors’ oil change monitors or tire pressure monitors, since it will show you a diagram of your car and the PSI for each of the wheels. If you’re driving a model that has AcuraLink, you’ll get reminders on the center console for any appointments that you’ve set via the MyAcura website. It’ll also give you the ability to call your dealer, schedule or reschedule an appointment, and more.

Any oil change reminder that you get via the Acura Maintenance Minder isn’t arbitrary, since it also monitors your driving conditions. For example, if you’ve driven fewer miles but have been in stop-and-go traffic, your Acura will know to alert you that it’s time for an oil change sooner. The Maintenance Minder looks at a few other things on a mileage basis and tells you when to replace your air filter, transmission fluid, spark plugs, engine coolant, get tire rotations, and more.

To understand the message that the Acura Maintenance Minder gives you, look at the letter and number sequence. For example, if you see a wrench followed by an A, you know that you need an oil change. If you see a B, you know right away that you need to change either your engine oil, oil filter, tires, or rear brakes.  Check your owner’s manual to understand other codes, or just bring your vehicle into Pohanka Acura and our Service Department will take a look.

At Pohanka Acura, we have extended hours and don’t require an appointment for service. Find a time in your busy schedule when you can bring your vehicle in, and our team will be ready for you. Hope to see you soon!

How To Jump Acura Cars

There’s nothing more depressing than pushing the start button or turning the ignition key on your Acura and hearing nothing but silence. It’s important to maintain your car battery to ensure prompt start of the engine. In addition to car battery maintenance, it’s important to know what to do if ever you find yourself in a situation involving a dead battery.

Read on to learn the vital tips.

Battery Maintenance

You can reduce the chances of having to jumpstart your Acura vehicle or getting it towed to the Acura service department by understanding some simple battery maintenance. Things you can do to keep your battery fully charged include:

  • Removing corrosion
  • Checking electrolyte level
  • Checking the cell charge
  • Replacing an old battery

Remove corrosion by first cleaning the top of the battery and then using a post-cleaning solution to remove gunk from the cable connectors and the posts themselves. Check the water level in each cell and add distilled water if necessary. Use a hydrometer to check the individual cell charge. If the charge is very weak, it’s time to replace the battery.

Before Jumpstarting Your Acura

You can’t just use a friend’s car battery to jumpstart your car without first following some precautionary steps. These include:

  • Removing the key from the ignition
  • Locating the battery terminal clips and see that they are attached
  • Using a voltage meter to determine whether the battery has any charge left

Most cars have a bit of voltage drip, so it’s important to remove the key from the ignition on your vehicle as well as the vehicle you’re using to jumpstart your own. If the battery terminal clips are loose, this is probably what caused the loss of charge in the first place. Also remember to turn off all electrically-controlled devices such as the radio, air conditioning, and lights.

Jump-Starting The Car

Several simple steps will ensure prompt charge transfer. The procedure involves:

  • Connecting the red jumper cable to the red post
  • Connecting the black clamp to a post on the engine mount
  • Connecting the clamps on the helper vehicle
  • Starting the helper vehicle and letting it run for two minutes
  • Starting your own car

It’s a good idea to let your car run for at least 10 minutes before driving it to the Acura service center for a complete checkup.

Periodic battery and electrical systems maintenance is important. Feel free to bring your Acura vehicle to Pohanka Acura for fast, prompt, and professional battery maintenance.