Are Acura Parts Expensive?

When shopping for a new luxury car, some drivers are understandably concerned about the cost of maintenance. Fortunately, Acura takes great pride in engineering premium vehicles that are inexpensive to service. Superior long-term reliability makes owning an Acura especially rewarding. Even a pre-owned Acura model will prove to be a great investment.

Reasonably Priced Parts That Withstand the Test of Time

Acura has a well-known reputation for building reliable cars. A properly maintained Acura product can easily rack up 200,000 miles without experiencing any major problems. The same cannot be said for most competitors. From the high-powered Acura NSX sports car to the feature-packed Acura MDX crossover, every model in the lineup is built to last. Nothing beats being able to travel without any worries.

While Acura vehicles deliver world-class dependability, some components will eventually need to be replaced. Parts, such as the brake pads and the oil filter, are considered to be regular maintenance items. You can always count on genuine Acura parts to be reasonably priced. Not only will these high-quality components save you more money in the long run, but they are also protected by a solid warranty.

Great Overall Value

The combination of affordable parts and top-notch reliability makes an Acura vehicle hard to beat. Very few luxury car brands come close to offering as much value. You will never have to deal with any hefty maintenance costs. Acura drivers can surely look forward to spending far less time in the repair shop. In fact, KBB found that the Acura RLX is one of today’s cheapest luxury cars to own. This is a testament to the automaker’s focus on giving buyers more for their money.

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Which Acura Have Third-Row Seating?

The Acura MDX is the only Acura vehicle that offers third-row seating. It provides enough room for six or seven passengers depending on the trim you select.

When bigger families shop for new cars, one of their major concerns is if they’ll be enough seating for everyone in the vehicle they want. Many automakers these days, including Acura, are designing vehicles to have a convenient third row of seats in SUVs and minivans. This allows larger families to take all their belongings with them when they travel and makes sure everyone in the family has a proper seat. Even if a family has three kids, the third row of seats offers much more cargo space and passenger volume so all passengers are comfortable and everyone’s belongings can be stored.

Third-Row Acura MDX

The base level Acura MDX has seating for seven, with two bench seats for the second and third rows. If a customer opts for the Advance Package, this trim level provides two captain’s chairs in the second row instead of a bench, reducing the total seating capacity to six instead of seven. Furthermore, when the Advanced Package is combined with the Entertainment Package, the second row returns to a bench seat.

The front seats for the driver and passenger are comfortable and supportive, featuring leather upholstery and a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat (8-way adjustable for the passenger). Both front seats are also heated. If customers opt for the captain’s chairs in the second row, both seats can slide back and forth to adjust legroom as needed. Access to the third row is easy with just the touch of a button that lets the second row of seats slide forward.

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How Does the Acura RDX Drive in Snow?

Known as one of the top small crossovers on the market, the Acura RDX promises to deliver an engaging performance. It is a great vehicle for traveling throughout the year. While front-wheel drive comes standard, Acura’s sophisticated AWD system enables the RDX to maintain outstanding traction in the snow.

A Reliable SUV for Snowy Conditions

Acura’s Super Handling AWD system automatically adjusts to the changing road conditions. Whether you are cruising along the interstate or maneuvering on a snow-packed city street, you can always count on the Acura RDX to inspire a great deal of confidence. It truly takes the stress out of driving on a wintry day. Because the RDX has a higher ground clearance than an AWD sedan, it is a more effective performer in deep snow. Keep in mind that Acura highly recommends the use of snow tires in some areas. Continue reading “How Does the Acura RDX Drive in Snow?”

How Reliable Are Acura Cars?

Acura vehicles are highly reliable. Owners can expect to get an average of 179,000 miles before the vehicle bottoms out. Many customer reviews about Acura are positive, which happens to be an excellent testimony of reliability.

Acura’s Status in the Top-Ten List of Vehicle Reliability

Acura models like the MDX and TLX are part of the top-ten list of vehicle reliability. Customer give these models high reviews as they come well-recommended. Any customer looking for a sleek and stylish vehicle, that is reliable as well, will find the Acura to be a safe bet. While come Acura models can come with a higher sticker price, their reliability offers a great deal of value.


What Determines Vehicle Reliability?

Reliability ratings reveal how well vehicles hold up over time. They also reveal the odds of vehicle owners having to deal with repairs and problems. Reliability ratings can affect how likely consumers will be satisfied or dissatisfied with a vehicle over time. Such ratings can also influence a vehicle’s resale value. Consumer surveys gather information each year about problems vehicle owners have had with their vehicle during the past 12 months. Up to a half million survey reviews can provide an excellent source for gathering data on reliability.

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Who Makes Acura Engines?

Acura is one of the most prestigious nameplates in the automotive world. From blistering-fast coupes such as the NSX to the plush RLX luxury sedan, Acura has produced a long line of premium vehicles over the years. Every model promises to deliver a high level of performance. Honda is responsible for manufacturing all of Acura’s famed engines.

Why Are Acura Engines Held in Such High Regard?

Honda has a worldwide reputation for developing extremely reliable vehicles. To no surprise, Acura also produces some of the most dependable models on the market. When properly maintained, an Acura engine can easily last for more than 300,000 miles. Top-notch build quality enables the engine to truly withstand the test of time. Only the most durable parts are used. You will also benefit from an Acura’s engine low cost of maintenance.

When behind the wheel of an Acura, you can always expect to experience a strong performance. Honda’s legendary VTEC system helps you to experience the optimum blend of power and efficiency. Aside from Acura’s impressive engine lineup, you can also take advantage of the automaker’s other performance technologies. With the ability to provide superior traction, Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive package enables you to experience sports car-like agility.

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Which Acura Sedan is Bigger?

Acura remains one of the top luxury car brands in the world. An Acura sedan is a great choice for the drivers who are seeking a high level of passenger comfort. Let’s find out which sedan is the biggest.

The Perfect Fit for Every Family

Known for its strong fuel efficiency and balanced handling, the ILX is the smallest sedan produced by Acura. However, don’t underestimate the ILX’s compact package. It actually has one of the most accommodating cabins in the segment. A spacious backseat makes it a great choice for the typical family. If you need a bit more space to stretch out, step up to the midsize Acura TLX. Drivers love the TLX’s sleek styling and impressive performance capabilities. It is an upscale luxury sedan with the heart of a pure sports car. On the inside, the TLX surrounds you with a number of creature comforts. While the base TLX is a strong value, there is a long list of premium upgrades to choose from.

In terms of overall interior volume, the full-size Acura RLX sits atop the lineup. It is the ideal choice for the folks who need the maximum amount of room. Whether you are taking your family on a weekend cruise or enjoying an out-of-town business trip, the Acura RLX promises to provide an extremely relaxing environment. Like the rest of Acura’s luxury sedans, the RLX offers an amazing ride quality.

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Why Buy Acura Certified?

If you’re looking for a used Acura vehicle and want the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a car backed by the manufacturer as being in excellent condition, then you should definitely consider a certified pre-owned vehicle. Not only are these cars in better condition than average, they come with the same warranty coverage as a new model. Although the factory warranty is limited and isn’t as extensive as what you get when you purchase new, you’re still saving a ton of money because the car has depreciated in value in terms of the model year, not the actual vehicle condition.

A Rigorous Inspection Program

What constitutes eligibility for a used car to be considered certified varies by manufacturer, but all Acura certified pre-owned cars have been given a thorough multi-point inspection prior to being listed for sale. These cars are either lease vehicles that have been returned to the dealership or are trade-ins that are in excellent condition. The dealer must comply with the automaker’s regulations in order to list the vehicle as certified. Generally speaking, the car must be less than five years old, have less than 15K miles per year on the odometer, and have no cosmetic flaws.

The engine must be in excellent condition as well. The powertrain must not contain an inordinate number of aftermarket parts. The dealership is responsible for inspecting and certifying that the car meets the criteria outlined by the automaker.

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