Where Are Acuras Made?

Five out of six Acura models are made in the United States. The Acura brand has become much more of an American brand over the last few decades. Vehicle and parts manufacturing are two factors in the equation. Research and development is also done, by and large, in the United States. As such, Acura, the luxury division of Honda, seems to have its finger on the pulse of American luxury car buyers.

Vehicle Assembly Plants

State-of-the-art manufacturing centers are in Ohio and Alabama. Until recently the MDX was made at the Acura Alabama plant, but the three-row model is now manufactured with at the East Liberty, Ohio, plant. It is in good company since this is also where the RDX sport utility vehicle is made. Consumer Reports has called the Acura MDX one of the ten best cars made in America. The Marysville, Ohio, plant produces Acura ILX sport sedans and TLX performance sedans. A new performance center was just set up in Ohio to assemble the exciting Acura NSX. This makes it the only supercar built in the United States. Purchasers can ask to watch the process, enjoying a close-up view of how humans and machines work together to produce these remarkable cars.

Acura Excellence

From start to finish, Acuras are designed and equipped in the United States. Acura puts an emphasis on flexible manufacturing. This allows it to shift production to models as needed. To support production, it recently invested $85 million in equipment. Engines are made at a plant in Anna, Ohio. A Russells Point, Ohio, factory manufactures transmissions and all-wheel components.

The NSX and other Acura products are developed and tested at both a Los Angeles Research and Development facility and the Raymond R&D Center in Ohio. This puts developers in close proximity to the manufacturing process where they can oversee the implementation of their engineering plans. Designers can monitor the quality of the craftsmanship and materials that go into every luxury Acura.

You can find out more about Acura quality when you contact Pohanka Acura or visit our dealership in Chantilly, VA for a test drive.


Who Makes Acura Engines?

Acura is one of the most prestigious nameplates in the automotive world. From blistering-fast coupes such as the NSX to the plush RLX luxury sedan, Acura has produced a long line of premium vehicles over the years. Every model promises to deliver a high level of performance. Honda is responsible for manufacturing all of Acura’s famed engines.

Why Are Acura Engines Held in Such High Regard?

Honda has a worldwide reputation for developing extremely reliable vehicles. To no surprise, Acura also produces some of the most dependable models on the market. When properly maintained, an Acura engine can easily last for more than 300,000 miles. Top-notch build quality enables the engine to truly withstand the test of time. Only the most durable parts are used. You will also benefit from an Acura’s engine low cost of maintenance.

When behind the wheel of an Acura, you can always expect to experience a strong performance. Honda’s legendary VTEC system helps you to experience the optimum blend of power and efficiency. Aside from Acura’s impressive engine lineup, you can also take advantage of the automaker’s other performance technologies. With the ability to provide superior traction, Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive package enables you to experience sports car-like agility.

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Are Acura and Honda the Same?

Many car buyers find themselves wondering what the difference is between the Honda and the Acura brands. The Acura brand is a part of the Honda Corporation, being introduced in the 1980s in order to provide Honda with a luxury vehicle to compete with brands such as the Mercedes-Benz. Where the Honda brand focuses on being an affordable working-class car, the Acura focuses on providing the best comfort possible in a luxurious package.

Honda Compared to Acura

Honda cars are designed for function over form, although they are very attractive vehicles. Focusing on providing a spacious interior and larger cargo area, the Honda is a vehicle that is intended for family or work use. In addition, superior gas mileage helps to keep the cost of operation well within the budget range of a typical family.

The Acura is a vehicle designed for luxury. With such amenities as heated passenger and driver seats, DVD-Audio systems and a 206 hp engine and excellent road-handling qualities, the Acura is an excellent choice for those looking for a fast, luxury vehicle. Business professionals will find that the Acura will definitely present a stylish appearance to personal and professional colleagues alike.

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Can Acura Use Regular Gas?

According to the Acura Owner’s Manual, Acura recommend drivers to use premium gasoline that has an octane rating of 91. But is it safe to go against the recommendation using regular gas?

The issue of using regular gasoline or premium gasoline will always be debated among automotive experts and car-buying consumers. While some tout premium over regular, others don’t believe that there’s much difference between the two grades of fuel. Indeed, some experts even believe that the benefits are so insignificant, if not outright non-existent, that you might as well throw money away if you refuel your car with premium gas. One thing’s for certain, though: Acura recommends that you feed its cars with premium gasoline that has an octane rating of 91 over regular gasoline with an octane rating of 87.

Regular vs. Premium

So, if Acura recommends premium unleaded gas for all its vehicles, there must be a reason for that. And what exactly is the difference between regular gas and premium gas? Continue reading “Can Acura Use Regular Gas?”

Which Acura SUV Should You Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new SUV, Acura gives you two great vehicles to choose from. While the three-row MDX can seat up to seven people, the five-passenger RDX is sized just right for the average family. Should you buy the 2019 Acura MDX or the 2019 Acura RDX?


2019 Acura MDX

Acura MDX

Growing families will love the Acura MDX’s spacious accommodations. Everyone can look forward to experiencing a comfortable ride. While heated front seats come standard, front-seat ventilation is able on the upper trims.

All versions of the new MDX come loaded with popular features. An available 10-speaker ELS Studio premium audio system takes your music-listening experience to the next level. Meanwhile, your family will especially enjoy the optional rear entertainment system, which includes a 16.2-inch display screen. Most importantly, an AcuraWatch safety package comes standard.

You’ll love the Acura MDX’s powerful performance. Its 3.5-liter, i-VTEC V6 engine develops a muscular 290 horsepower. An EPA-estimated highway fuel economy rating of 27 mpg* makes the MDX an even more rewarding family hauler.

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive is available as an option. Not only does this dynamic AWD system improve wet-weather traction, but it also enables the MDX to deliver especially sporty handling.


2019 Acura RDX (VR)

Acura RDX

Like the Acura MDX, the Acura RDX provides a lot of passenger room. It actually provides even more legroom for your second-row passengers. There are also some exciting technologies inside the new RDX. Acura’s all-new True Touchpad Interface with a 10.2-inch central display comes standard. You also have access to a dazzling 16-speaker ELS Studio 3D surround-sound system. A customizable head-up display is available as well.

When checking out the new Acura RDX, you’ll notice it shares many styling cues with the MDX. Jewel Eye LED headlamps and a standard tailgate spoiler accentuate the RDX’s sleek profile. Drivers who desire an especially sporty look will enjoy the racy A-Spec package, which is also available on the MDX. It outfits the SUV with high-performance exhaust outlets, unique 20-inch wheels, and a more aggressive front fascia.

Under the hood of the redesigned RDX sits a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It pushes out a satisfying 272 horsepower while returning up to 28 mpg*. You can also get the new RDX with Acura’s famed Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system.

For more information on these two Acura SUVs, be sure to contact us at Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA.

*Based on 2019 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid only) and other factors.

Difference Between the Acura NSX and Lexus LC 500 | Pohanka Acura

NSX vs LC 500

The 2019 Acura NSX and Lexus LC 500 are two vehicles that have come forward as standouts within their category, not just in terms of their looks, but because of all that they have to deliver. The two luxury vehicles have seen several remodels and iterations in the past and now stand as some of the best renditions of their vehicles till date. If you are thinking of going in for a luxury vehicle this year, one of these two options should definitely be something that you consider. If you are trying to make your decision between these two vehicles, in particular, understanding the differences between them, and what makes them unique is important for your decision.



The body is one of the first distinguishable features between the two vehicles. At first glance, both vehicles are nothing like you have ever seen before. The 2019 Acura NSX has a stunning curvaceous figure that appears sleek and well polished. The sporty look has always been one of the defining aspects of this vehicle and is exactly what the 2019 Acura NSX  tries to offer. For a vehicle that looks classy and worthy of the highest praise, the Lexus LC 500 is definitely one that comes to mind. While it may not have the outer shell of a sports car, it has a professional and elegant feel that is unmatched by most vehicles on the market.



Being able to customize your vehicle to fit your own needs is incredibly crucial to the decision-making process, and both vehicles have ample options to choose from. The Lexus LC 500 has significantly more customizable options in terms of the interior as well as the exterior, along with the wheels and accents of the vehicle as well.



The engine is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, and having a vehicle that delivers the very best in terms of power is essential. The 2019 Acura NSX has a 3.5L engine equipped with 406 lb ft twin turbo. The Lexus LC 500 comes with a 5.0L engine equipped with D-4S direct fuel injection and Atkinson Cycle operation.

There is no doubt that both the models have an incredible range of benefits to offer. There is no doubt that both of these vehicles can leave you stunned with their overall performance. Come check out the all the 2019 Acura NSX and Lexus LC 500 at our dealership to truly experience the beauty and performance that these two cars have to offer.

Why Did Acura Discontinue Stick-Shift Models? | Pohanka Acura

If you’ve been searching for a new Acura that offers a stick-shift model, you won’t find stick-shift manual transmissions in new Acura models. In fact, the Acura brand discontinued stick-shift models a few years ago. Here’s why.


The demand for stick-shift vehicles has diminished.

For several years, the demand for newer model stick-shift vehicles has significantly decreased in North America. Quite frankly, the majority of customers are no longer interested in manually shifting gears in their vehicles.

As a result of decreased demands, the executives at the Acura brand decided to discontinue production of stick-shift models. The brand shifted its focus on offerings and amenities that are more desirable to customers.


Many customers enjoy the convenience of automatic vehicles.

When it comes to staying connected and enjoying convenience features, modern car buyers wouldn’t want anything to stand in their way. This includes a stick-shift vehicle.

Just think about modern driving practices for a moment. Many drivers take pride in enjoying a beverage while they’re operating their vehicles. Another thing drivers enjoy is exploring their vehicle’s technology features. Operating a stick-shift would get in the way of the modern driving experience.


It’s easier to maximize fuel efficiency with automatic vehicles.

For the Acura brand, optimized fuel efficiency is essential. Not only do our loyal brand enthusiasts count on us to provide them with innovative cars, they want excellent fuel economy.

By providing our customers with automatic cars that are fuel efficient, we are able to ensure that owning an Acura vehicle will enhance their lives. That’s important to the Acura brand.

At Pohanka Acura, we are excited about our current inventory of automatic cars and SUVs. Whether you’re in the market for a new Acura vehicle or a certified pre-owned vehicle, we can assist you. Visit Pohanka Acura to explore our selection of vehicles today.

What Was the First Acura?

If you’re like us, then there’s a good chance that you’re crazy about Acura and its lineup of top-notch luxury vehicles. True fans of this respected brand might even wonder where, when, and how the first Acura vehicle came to be! To help shed some light on the subject, Pohanka Acura is here to tell you more about the maiden vehicle that launched the company over 30 years ago.

The First Luxury Japanese Vehicle

In order to keep up with fellow automotive rivals Toyota and Nissan, who both had luxury lineups in the works, Honda created the Acura brand in 1986 to a get a head start breaking into the United States car market. At that time, despite the success that Japanese manufacturers had enjoyed, they had yet to come out with any high-performance, luxury vehicles to compete with brands like Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and others. As Toyota and Nissan were preparing to release their premium brands—Lexus and INFINITI, respectively—Honda also got into the world of luxury cars with their own lineup, named Acura. Choosing the slogan, “Acura: Precision Crafted Automobiles” as their guiding ideal, the company released their first two vehicles: the Legend and the Integra.

The Acura Legend

Entering the North American market with Integra in 1986, the Acura Legend quickly established quite the reputation for itself. While its sedan body style came with a 2.5L V6 engine, the coupe, which appeared a year later in 1987, featured a slightly larger 2.7L system that would appear in the sedan the following year. Thanks to advanced interior features like a 4-speaker cassette tape stereo, automatic climate control, and a wool cloth interior, the Legend soon fulfilled its name, earning Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year in 1987. Subsequent model years continued to improve on the established design, with features like body-colored side mirrors appearing in 1990.

Fate of the Legend

The Legend entered its second generation in 1991, with a larger 200-hp engine and the option to choose a manual or automatic transmission. More upgrades became available throughout the next few models, including heated leather seats, a hands-free telephone, and seatbelt pretensioners. However, by 1995, Acura was looking to change things up as sales of the model began to decline. As a result, the Legend was rebranded as the RL in 1996. Today, the RL is now the RLX, and it still continues to offer the high-end performance and upscale amenities that the Legend first bore.

So, what was the first Acura? Now you know that the Acura Legend was the vehicle that started it all back in 1986! To learn more about the latest models at your disposal, visit Pohanka Acura today.

What is Acura’s Super Handling AWD?

Whether you like to spend your time tackling off-road terrain in your SUV or simply prefer to feel in control when adverse weather strikes, having a vehicle equipped with AWD is often an indispensable asset. However, since not all AWD configurations are created equal, Pohanka Acura wants to tell you more about Acura’s exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ system!

How Does SH-AWD® Work?

Since it first appeared in the 2004 Acura RL, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ has been keeping drivers in command of their vehicle, thanks to its ability to transfer engine torque to the wheels that need it most. Without getting too technical, this system allows power to be continuously transferred and distributed between the front and rear wheels. In fact, up to 100% of the rear power can go to the outer right or left wheel during sharp turns to keep your car balanced. Similarly, if you’re traveling over slick surfaces and begin to lose traction, the system can sense which wheel or wheels require additional power, so you don’t end up spinning out.

Acura Vehicles with SH-AWD®

Depending on your driving style and other preferences, Acura’s SH-AWD® can enhance your agility or provide peace of mind when conditions are less than ideal. For instance, performance sedans like the TLX and RLX include this system to help you tackle winding roads like a professional for nimble performance that’s difficult to top. Meanwhile, SUVs such as the RDX and MDX use this system to both increase efficiency and stability. Under normal conditions, most of the engine’s power goes to the front wheels, effectively allowing the vehicle to perform like a 2WD model. However, during events like hard acceleration or sudden slippage, torque allocation is adjusted to provide optimal traction and control.

The Future of SH-AWD®

As a company that’s constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, Acura now offers a hybrid version of SH-AWD®. For instance, in the MDX Sport Hybrid model, the system utilizes a Power Distribution Unit to measure the vehicle’s current output and make adjustments based on the current need. Just like with its counterpart, this hybrid version of SH-AWD® works to improve your fuel efficiency by sending power only to the front wheels during highway travel. Your economy is further enhanced by systems like Variable Cylinder Management™, allowing you to enjoy the enhanced control of AWD while still achieving competitive hybrid fuel efficiency!

Have you been wondering lately, “What is Acura’s Super Handling AWD?” We hope that this overview has cleared a few things up! To test out a vehicle equipped with this robust system, head on over to Pohanka Acura the next time you’re free.

Why Did Acura Discontinue the RSX?

The automotive field is an experimentation that is always in progress. Knowing what consumers will buy is a continuous guessing game.


The RSX grew out of the earlier Integra model and was both sporty and fun to drive. It had a 2.0 liter engine putting out 155 HP with plenty of cargo room in the hatchback space. The Acura was front wheel drive and might have done better being a rear wheel drive model, or perhaps AWD. This would have added to the fun factor in driving. The overall design was basically a 3 door hatchback which didn’t have any distinguishing features that gave it a true identity. It was a lightweight coupe that got 27 MPG in the city and 35 on the road.

The RSX is still an overall good car that is dependable and fun to drive. Finding a used RSX at a great value will give you years of driving pleasure. These models are still available for those wanting a piece of history that will increase in value as a collectible. For more information on the RSX, check us out at Pohanka Acura for a test drive.

Which Acura Should I Buy?

Acura is among the top luxury brands on the market. Not only is Acura known for producing incredibly reliable vehicles, but it also has a reputation for making passenger safety a top priority. Furthermore, you can always count on Acura to develop cars with a strong sense of style. Whether you’re seeking thrilling performance or great everyday comfort, expect to find the perfect vehicle in Acura’s new lineup.


Family SUV and Crossovers

2019 Acura RDX (VR)

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX is among the hottest new crossovers on the market. You’ll love the RDX’s plush interior and bold styling. A turbocharged VTEC engine gives the RDX an additional fun factor. Several exciting features are available, including Acura’s new True Touchpad Interface and an ELS Studio 3D sound system.


2019 Acura MDX

Acura MDX

If you need to accommodate a couple more passengers, check out the three-row Acura MDX. Like the RDX, it’s available with Acura’s famed Super Handling AWD system. Aside from giving you the maximum traction in slippery weather, this dynamic AWD system also enhances the MDX’s sporty road manners.


Cars and Hatchbacks

2018 Acura ILX.jpg

Acura ILX

The Acura ILX is a small sports sedan that packs a serious amount of driving excitement. Great fuel economy and a spacious interior make the new ILX even more rewarding. While all versions of the ILX look stunning, expect the stunning new A-Spec model to turn even more heads.


2018 Acura TLX 2

Acura TLX

In terms of size, the Acura TLX is a step above the ILX. However, it’s just as entertaining to drive. Optional Super Handling AWD makes it an exciting sports sedan that you can drive throughout the year. All of Acura’s latest safety technologies are available.


2019 Acura RLX

Acura RLX

Drivers seeking the maximum luxury should check out the Acura RLX. Premium features, such as GPS-linked climate control and ventilated seats, enable you to experience pure comfort. However, the new RLX isn’t just a car from cruising along the interstate. A standard 310-horsepower engine and athletic handling enable the RLX to keep drivers engaged. For drivers seeking an even more spectacular blend of performance and efficiency, Acura offers the RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD.


Performance Car

2019 Acura NSX

Acura NSX

For good reason, the Acura NSX is considered to be one of today’s most rewarding performance cars. While Acura engineered the NSX to deliver a scorching performance on the track, it also proves to be a comfort and reliable daily-driver. You’ll be able to have fun without making any compromises. This next-generation super car’s exhilarating styling adds to its appeal.

Acura is committed to building vehicles that stand out from the crowd. If you would like to take your favorite model for a test drive or desire more details on Acura’s new features, feel free to contact us at Pohanka Acura.

Acura vs Toyota | Which is Better?

Acura vs Toyota
If you are like many of today’s car buyers, you may initially try to narrow down your options by looking at a specific automaker. Both Acura and Toyota are respected Japanese automakers that produce an excellent selection of cars and SUVs, so you may be inclined to compare these two brands head-to-head. However, by doing so, you may realize that these two brands are actually very different.


Luxurious Models

Acura is a luxury brand that is owned and operated by Honda. It was established in 1986 and is notably the first Japanese luxury brand from any automaker. Acura is known for producing high-quality sedans, coupes and SUVs that are both larger and smaller in size and that are loaded with refined materials and innovative features. Some of its luxury models include the ZDX, the TLX, the RLX, the ILX and others. Toyota is a popular automotive brand from Japan as well, but it is not a luxury brand. Instead, it runs its own luxury brand that competes with Acura, and this brand is Lexus. Therefore, the Toyota vehicles have exceptional quality and great features, but they lack the luxury element that its higher-end Lexus vehicles have. Some of the recent Toyota models include the Camry, Corolla, RAV4 and others.


Performance Capabilities

Toyota and Acura both have high-performance vehicles that have stellar performance capabilities as well as more refined vehicles that are designed for a responsive, smooth drive through town. Because Acura is a luxury brand, you can generally expect to find most sophisticated performance-based features in its models. With substantial variation, however, it is important to compare capabilities of individual vehicles directly.


Innovative Features

Toyota offers both more affordable and higher-level vehicles. Some of its vehicles, therefore, have minimal features and may lack modern innovations based on the price point of the vehicle. Because Acura is a luxury brand, even the lower trim levels may be well-appointed with fine materials and innovative features. This includes tech features, safety features and performance features.

The best way to compare Toyota models against Acura models is by visiting us at Pohanka Acura and exploring the models in person. Stop by at your convenience to explore our inventory with a helpful sales associate.

Check Out the 2019 Acura RLX

2019 RLX

The Acura RLX is a full-size sedan has executive-type amenities that meet high demands in comfort, luxury and digital technology. You can select Brilliant Red, Fathom Blue Pearl, Gilded Pewter or several other rich colors for the exterior. Below you will find some of the car’s highlights in performance, technology and safety.



Direct injection controls combustion in the 2019 RLX’s 3.5 L V6 SOHC engine block. The legendary i-VTEC technology helps this six-cylinder powertrain whip out just over 270 hp and up to 280 lb-ft of torque. Running on three electric motors, the hybrid system significantly improves the car’s overall capabilities. You can extract up to 377 hp and 341 lb-ft from the versatile powertrain. You’ll get 29 MPG on the highway and 28 MPG in the city from this luxurious sedan. The Super Handling AWD keeps this Acura model stable on slippery roads. Torque is transferred to this cutting-edge drivetrain by a dual-clutch transmission system that’s powered by a motor. The DCT includes the Sequential SportShift technology for optimum handling.



The 2019 RLX has the Acura Navigation System with a handful of advanced applications and services, such as the 3D View and Traffic Rerouting. You can also utilize the AcuraLink suite to access live traffic data. Some of the car’s smartphone-ready features include HandsFreeLink and Bluetooth. This executive sedan also boasts 14 speakers with the Krell label. You can listen to Pandora, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and HD Radio on this high-end audio system. A head-up display (HUD) and multi-information display (MID) are also installed in the cockpit.



More than 10 accident-prevention features are installed in the Acuralink, such as the Road Departure Mitigation and Collision Mitigation Braking. Some of the vehicle’s all-new safety amenities include the Traffic Jam Assist and parking sensors. You can also utilize the Surround View Camera and multi-view rear camera to make good judgments in parking lots.

Visit Pohanka Acura to explore the luxurious features of the 2019 RLX. This full-size sedan is available with the Advance Package that’s loaded with sophisticated amenities.

Do Acuras Need Transmission Fluid Changed?

Though services like oil changes and tire rotations may be required more frequently, less periodic tasks are just as important to keep up with. One such item is a transmission fluid change! Although most Acura vehicles should only require this service every few years, it’s not something you want to neglect for too long. If you think that you might be in need of a transmission fluid change, get in contact with the Service Department at Pohanka Acura today!

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

To begin, let’s tackle exactly what transmission fluid is and why it’s important. First, the transmission is what transfers power from the engine to the driveshaft in order to make your wheels turn. It requires a specific fluid in order to stay properly lubricated for optimal performance. Additionally, this fluid protects the exposed metal surfaces from damage, facilitates cooling, increases rotational speed, and more. Depending on whether your Acura features a standard or automatic system, the specific type of fluid will vary. Furthermore, manual transmissions require more frequent fluid changes.

Timeline & Warning Signs

Generally, Acuras with a standard transmission should have the fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, although this may vary depending on if you do a lot of towing, how old your vehicle is, and other factors. If instead you have an automatic transmission, then you might not have to worry about the service at all! However, it might be wise to have it changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles anyway, just to be safe. Your vehicle could exhibit several warning signs when this job is needed soon, including gear shifting issues, grinding or other strange noises when you’re accelerating, and delay in vehicle movement.

Our Service Department

If you think that your reliable ride might be in need of this task, you can trust that we’re here to help! Our Service Department never requires appointments ahead of time, so feel free to simply drop by whenever you have a spare moment. While you’re here, feel free to sit back and relax in our cozy waiting lounge while we’re on the job. Or, if you have somewhere to be, hop onto our courtesy shuttle! We’re here to make the repairs go smoothly, so you can hit the open road with confidence.

So, do Acuras need transmission fluid changed? If you have a vehicle with manual transmission, then yes! Although automatic systems may not necessarily need this service, it’s still in your best interests to have it performed. For more information, reach out to Pohanka Acura at 571-350-9279!