Where Are Acuras Made?

Five out of six Acura models are made in the United States. The Acura brand has become much more of an American brand over the last few decades. Vehicle and parts manufacturing are two factors in the equation. Research and development is also done, by and large, in the United States. As such, Acura, the luxury division of Honda, seems to have its finger on the pulse of American luxury car buyers.

Vehicle Assembly Plants

State-of-the-art manufacturing centers are in Ohio and Alabama. Until recently the MDX was made at the Acura Alabama plant, but the three-row model is now manufactured with at the East Liberty, Ohio, plant. It is in good company since this is also where the RDX sport utility vehicle is made. Consumer Reports has called the Acura MDX one of the ten best cars made in America. The Marysville, Ohio, plant produces Acura ILX sport sedans and TLX performance sedans. A new performance center was just set up in Ohio to assemble the exciting Acura NSX. This makes it the only supercar built in the United States. Purchasers can ask to watch the process, enjoying a close-up view of how humans and machines work together to produce these remarkable cars.

Acura Excellence

From start to finish, Acuras are designed and equipped in the United States. Acura puts an emphasis on flexible manufacturing. This allows it to shift production to models as needed. To support production, it recently invested $85 million in equipment. Engines are made at a plant in Anna, Ohio. A Russells Point, Ohio, factory manufactures transmissions and all-wheel components.

The NSX and other Acura products are developed and tested at both a Los Angeles Research and Development facility and the Raymond R&D Center in Ohio. This puts developers in close proximity to the manufacturing process where they can oversee the implementation of their engineering plans. Designers can monitor the quality of the craftsmanship and materials that go into every luxury Acura.

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Who Makes Acura Engines?

Acura is one of the most prestigious nameplates in the automotive world. From blistering-fast coupes such as the NSX to the plush RLX luxury sedan, Acura has produced a long line of premium vehicles over the years. Every model promises to deliver a high level of performance. Honda is responsible for manufacturing all of Acura’s famed engines.

Why Are Acura Engines Held in Such High Regard?

Honda has a worldwide reputation for developing extremely reliable vehicles. To no surprise, Acura also produces some of the most dependable models on the market. When properly maintained, an Acura engine can easily last for more than 300,000 miles. Top-notch build quality enables the engine to truly withstand the test of time. Only the most durable parts are used. You will also benefit from an Acura’s engine low cost of maintenance.

When behind the wheel of an Acura, you can always expect to experience a strong performance. Honda’s legendary VTEC system helps you to experience the optimum blend of power and efficiency. Aside from Acura’s impressive engine lineup, you can also take advantage of the automaker’s other performance technologies. With the ability to provide superior traction, Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive package enables you to experience sports car-like agility.

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Are Acura and Honda the Same?

Many car buyers find themselves wondering what the difference is between the Honda and the Acura brands. The Acura brand is a part of the Honda Corporation, being introduced in the 1980s in order to provide Honda with a luxury vehicle to compete with brands such as the Mercedes-Benz. Where the Honda brand focuses on being an affordable working-class car, the Acura focuses on providing the best comfort possible in a luxurious package.

Honda Compared to Acura

Honda cars are designed for function over form, although they are very attractive vehicles. Focusing on providing a spacious interior and larger cargo area, the Honda is a vehicle that is intended for family or work use. In addition, superior gas mileage helps to keep the cost of operation well within the budget range of a typical family.

The Acura is a vehicle designed for luxury. With such amenities as heated passenger and driver seats, DVD-Audio systems and a 206 hp engine and excellent road-handling qualities, the Acura is an excellent choice for those looking for a fast, luxury vehicle. Business professionals will find that the Acura will definitely present a stylish appearance to personal and professional colleagues alike.

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Can Acura Use Regular Gas?

According to the Acura Owner’s Manual, Acura recommend drivers to use premium gasoline that has an octane rating of 91. But is it safe to go against the recommendation using regular gas?

The issue of using regular gasoline or premium gasoline will always be debated among automotive experts and car-buying consumers. While some tout premium over regular, others don’t believe that there’s much difference between the two grades of fuel. Indeed, some experts even believe that the benefits are so insignificant, if not outright non-existent, that you might as well throw money away if you refuel your car with premium gas. One thing’s for certain, though: Acura recommends that you feed its cars with premium gasoline that has an octane rating of 91 over regular gasoline with an octane rating of 87.

Regular vs. Premium

So, if Acura recommends premium unleaded gas for all its vehicles, there must be a reason for that. And what exactly is the difference between regular gas and premium gas? Continue reading “Can Acura Use Regular Gas?”

2019 Acura Cars

As a luxury sedan, the 2019 Acura TLX is one of the most well-rounded vehicles in its class. The 2019 Acura RDX is a luxurious crossover SUV that stands out from its peers as well. Both of these premium vehicles have signature mechanical features, like the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. The 2019 TLX and RDX could also be customized with the A-Spec Package, Advance Package and other optional installations.

2019 Acura RDX

  • Turbocharged 2.0 L Engine
  • Super Handling All-Wheel Drive
  • Sequential Sportshift Automatic Transmission System
  • Integrated Dynamics System
  • Agile Handling Assist
  • Variable Ratio Electric Power Steering

Displacing only 2.0L, the 2019 Acura RDX’s turbo DOHC VTEC engine delivers a maximum of 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Engineered to handle multiple terrains, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive works smoothly with a 10-speed automatic transmission system that includes an electronic gear selector and paddle shifters with multiple settings.

The Integrated Dynamics System runs on the Snow, Sport, Sport+ and Comfort modes. Additionally, this Acura crossover SUV is balanced and aligned by the Agile Handling Assist.

2019 Acura TLX

  • 2.4 L i-VTEC Engine
  • 3.5 L i-VTEC V6 Engine
  • Precision All-Wheel Steer
  • Super Handling All-Wheel Drive
  • Eight-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
  • Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Consisting of 16 DOHC valves, the 2.4 L i-VTEC engine produces 206 horsepower and 18 pound-feet of torque. Operating on the Variable Cylinder Management and Idle Stop, the 3.5 L V6 SOHC engine generates up to 290 hp and 267 lb-ft. An eight-speed dual clutch transmission system is paired with the 2.4 L engine, and a nine-speed automatic transmission system works with the 3.5 L engine.

This premium Acura sedan also boasts an advanced front-wheel drive (FWD) with the cutting-edge Precision All-Wheel Steer technology. Paired with the six-cylinder engine, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive offers class-leading handling.

Pohanka Acura is excited about the arrival of several 2019 Acura models. Visit our dealership to explore the TLX sedan and RDX crossover SUV.


Acura vs BMW: Which Brand Is Better?

When shopping for a new luxury vehicle, a lot of drivers turn to Acura and BMW. Both automakers bring a lot of to the table. Let’s find out which brand is better.


Over the years, Acura has earned a reputation for developing fun-to-drive vehicles. While BMW has also produced some great vehicles, Acura offers some exclusive performance technologies.

The automaker’s Super Handling AWD system continues to garner rave reviews. Not only does the Super Handling AWD system enable you to take curves with greater confidence, but it also ensures the best possible traction in bad weather. BMW fails to offer this exclusive feature. You can also take advantage of Acura’s famed VTEC engine technology. It helps promote a superior blend of performance and efficiency.

Warranty and Cost of Ownership

Acura is well-known for producing ultra-reliable vehicles that can withstand the test of time. Although Acura vehicles are incredibly dependable, great warranty coverage gives you an extra peace of mind.

While Acura provides a 70,000-mile powertrain warranty, BMW vehicles come with a 50,000-mile powertrain warranty. A lower cost of ownership makes Acura vehicles even more appealing. BMW cars tend to be a lot more expensive to maintain. When driving an Acura, you’ll be able to have fun without breaking the bank.


If you consider style to be a big factor, Acura’s lineup is destined to leave you impressed. Modern styling cues, such as Jewel Eye LED headlamps, enable you to stand out on the road.

Acura’s A-Spec appearance package has also become a popular upgrade. Unique exterior treatments and special wheels enable A-Spec models to make an especially powerful statement. Although BMW produces some good-looking vehicles, they don’t demand as much attention.

Although BMW is a worthy luxury brand, it ranks behind Acura in several important categories. To learn more details on the many benefits of owning an Acura or to schedule a test drive, contact your local dealership at Pohanka Acura!


Will Acura Bring Back The RSX or Integra?

Acura, the luxury vehicle division of Honda, actually produces quite affordable vehicles. When the Integra was introduced in 1993, it turned heads because of its sleek coupe design and punchy performance. The Type R version was even more performance-oriented. The Integra’s direct descendant, the RSX, was equally popular. However, these two models were eventually discontinued.

The reason was simple. Acura wasn’t interested in keeping a performance coupe as part of the model lineup. Instead, the focus was now on family-friendly sedans and crossovers. These two models are unlikely to be resurrected because Honda already has a couple of new compact sedans that fill the void.

Why Were The Integra And RSX Bestsellers?

The Integra proved that a front-wheel drive performance coupe wasn’t a silly idea. This model zipped and zoomed, and the Type R became almost legendary because of the incredible amount of pop that the 1.8L turbocharged engine produced.

The five-speed manual transmission was given extremely short gear ratios, and the result was quick acceleration. The RSX model took many of these ideas to new heights, with a sleek coupe styling set on a truly fine chassis design.

These models outperformed competitors from European automakers. Their demise wasn’t because of a dip in sales but rather because of a new direction in compact and coupe design. The focus was on safety and security, interior refinements, and high-tech advancements.

The RSX Isn’t Coming Back

Acura doesn’t currently produce a coupe other than the new NSX Supercar. However, there’s lots to choose from in terms of sedans. The rather compact ILX is already a bestseller, and it appeals to a wider audience than would a performance coupe.

The recent addition of the Honda Civic Si and Type R variants give buyers something to think about as well. The Civic is considered an economical compact, but these two variants offer plenty of punch and sporty performance.

Neither Is The Integra

The Integra is fondly remembered, but Acura feels that there’s no need to compete with the parent company Honda in terms of a sporty, high-performance compact or coupe. The Civic Type R is on a performance level with the old Integra Type R, so it’s only prudent to leave things the way they are.

The Civic Si is available both as a sedan and a coupe, so the gap is filled anyway. It doesn’t make much sense to bring a coupe back into the Acura fold.

New Cars To Look At

To summarize, the Integra and RSX enjoyed a lot of success, but sometimes it’s the right thing to cancel a rather highly-rated primetime drama TV series and go in a new direction. This is also true throughout the automotive world. The new Acura designs are appealing to all age groups, and most of them are more affordable than one might think.

Come see the new Acura models today at Pohanka Acura. You may remember the Integra and RSX, but you’ll love the new ILX and other sedan models. Call the dealership today to set up an inspection and test drive.


Is Acura Only Made For The United States?

Have you ever stopped to wonder where the Acura that’s currently sitting in your garage was built? You might be surprised to learn that despite its Japanese heritage, your Acura was more than likely built right here in the United States! Since the brand was first introduced to the US in 1986, it has grown in popularity and is now focused primarily on the domestic market. If you’ve ever been curious about where Acura vehicles are sold, your reliable dealer, Pohanka Acura, is here to fill you in!

Currently, the majority of Acura models are assembled at plants in the United States. This is contrary to popular belief, which typically holds that both domestic and foreign automakers are fleeing the US in pursuit of cheaper labor in other countries. At the moment, the NSX, ILX, and TLX are built at the Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., plant in Marysville, OH, while the MDX and RDX are constructed at the East Liberty Auto Plant of East Liberty, OH. Only the RLX is still manufactured in the company’s home country of Japan.

Despite Acura’s sufficient popularity in the United States, this isn’t the case for most of the world. In Japan, the only Acura on the market is the RLX, which is sold as the Honda Legend. Overall, North America made up 97 percent of Acura sales in 20141, with sales of approximately 195,000 vehicles. In comparison, China came in second with just 4,464 units sold. So while Acura isn’t solely constructed for the US market, it’s clear that this is where the majority of consumers are purchasing these models.

There are several theories as to why Acura isn’t a competitive global brand. Some executives within the company have stated that American engineers only focus on the domestic market and don’t design vehicles that satisfy customers across the world1. Furthermore, Acura faces an uphill battle against already-established luxury brands like Cadillac that have a long history of appealing to a wide audience. In the meantime, Acura lovers in the US can continue to enjoy these outstanding vehicles!

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “Is Acura only made for the United States?” now you have the answer! While these exceptional cars and crossovers aren’t exclusive to the US, they do have their biggest draw here and don’t garner much attention outside of North America. To view the latest options at your disposal, swing by Pohanka Acura at 13911 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy in Chantilly, VA.


  1. According to Automotive News article “Is Acura too American to compete globally?” from February 21, 2015, by Hans Greimel.

Do Acura’s Hold Their Value Well?

Even before many of us purchase a vehicle, one of the first things we consider before signing on the dotted line is how well the specific model we have in mind will retain its value. After all, the moment it’s driven off the lot, a brand new car will lose a significant portion of its value, so you want to be sure that you won’t be left out to dry when it’s time to trade-in your current ride. Thankfully, you’ll be glad to learn that Acura vehicles lead the pack when it comes to resale value. Contact Pohanka Acura to learn more!

Though all cars decrease in value once they leave the sales lot, different brands devalue at different rates, meaning that while certain makes retain a high degree of their value, others may not be worth nearly as much once you’re ready to trade it in. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of about how much your vehicle will be worth when you’re ready to part with it. Of course, this depends on if you plan on being behind the wheel for five, ten, or even fifteen years, so be sure to account for your specific needs.

Some people might warn you against driving a luxury car, as many believe that these models have the worst value retention. In reality, this simply isn’t true! Edmunds recently released its 2018 Best Retained Value® Awards1, and Acura ranked well in several categories! Just to name a few, the 2018 ILX was an Honorable Mention in the Luxury Compact Car category, while the 2018 RDX also finished as an Honorable Mention in the Luxury Compact SUV group. Additionally, in 2016, Acura was ranked as the top luxury brand for value retention. It’s clear that by driving an Acura, you can expect to enjoy a competitive degree of value!

If you’ve already purchased an Acura vehicle and wish to learn about how you can maximize its value, we’re here to offer a few tips! First, be sure to take care of all the mechanical components by staying up-to-date on routine maintenance procedures. Also, try to keep the interior as clean as possible and minimize any damage to the upholstery. Finally, take great care in avoiding any chipped paint or dents, as this could lead to the rusting of the body structure, which severely hurts a vehicle’s value.

So, do Acura’s hold their value well? Now you know that, yes, they do! Compared to other vehicles, Acura vehicles offer exceptional value by retaining a greater percentage of their worth over the course of their time in your care. For more information, contact the staff at Pohanka Acura!


  1. Information taken from Edmunds website.

What is the Largest SUV Acura Makes?

Are you looking for the largest SUV available from Acura? If so, then the Acura MDX is the vehicle for you! Offering three-row seating, top-notch safety advancements, and a performance that will take your breath away, the MDX doesn’t disappoint. When you’re ready to experience this ride for yourself, stop by the showroom at Pohanka Acura for a test drive with a member of our staff. We’re located at 13911 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy in Chantilly, VA, and look forward to your visit!

It won’t take long for you to discover that the 2018 edition of the MDX supplies a staggering amount of power. Generating a robust 290-hp and 267 lb.-ft. of torque, the standard 3.5L V6 engine allows you to command the road with ease. For the confidence to take on anything that comes your way, consider equipping your SUV with AWD capabilities. This intelligent system monitors road conditions and supplies additional traction when it detects wheel slippage, so you won’t have to worry about slick conditions slowing you down. If you’re looking for a sporty feel, you can always opt for the Active Sport Suspension and Damper System, which improves the MDX’s handling and responsiveness for an unforgettable experience behind the wheel!

Thanks to the myriad safety systems included in the 2018 Acura MDX, you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers will be protected from harm. Backing up has never been easier, as the standard Multi-View Rear Camera1 displays a clear video of the path behind you. To further enhance these capabilities, consider opting for the Surround-View Camera System1, which shows a 360 degree image to help you make better-informed decisions and take the guesswork out of negotiating tight spaces. If you ever need to make a sudden stop, the standard Collision Mitigation Braking System™ can step in to provide additional force to prevent an accident from occurring.

With seating for up to seven passengers in the Acura MDX, everyone can come along for the ride! Even at full capacity, you won’t have to worry about people feeling squished, as this SUV supplies ample space in every row. Up front, you can enjoy 41.4 inches of legroom, while those in the second and third rows will be provided with 36.6 and 28.1 inches, respectively. When the adventure calls for additional space to store gear and equipment, the MDX has you covered. Behind the third row, you’ll have 15.8 cubic ft. of room2, or you can fold down the seats to access up to 90.9 cubic ft. of maximum storage area2.

Have been asking yourself, “What is the largest SUV Acura makes?” Now you have the information! To experience firsthand what the 2018 Acura MDX can do, visit the friendly staff at Pohanka Acura for a test drive today.


  1. Always visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up; the rearview camera display does not provide complete information about all conditions and objects at the rear of your vehicle. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions.

2. Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus floor space between           first and second seats and front seats moved forward. This figure compares more               accurately with most competitive measurements.


What is the Largest Sedan Acura Makes?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect luxury full-size sedan, then you won’t want to miss out on the Acura RLX. This well-equipped and spirited ride covers all the bases by offering an accommodating cabin, exceptional entertainment features, and outstanding performance capabilities. In addition, this is the largest sedan that Acura makes, so you can be sure that you’re getting the total package. To experience it for yourself, pay a visit to Pohanka Acura and speak with our staff!

As soon as you step inside the 2018 iteration of the RLX, you’ll find yourself in a supremely welcoming and inviting cabin. Standard sport seats with Milano leather trim offer the ideal location to relax after a long day, while the driver and front passenger 12-way power-adjustable chairs make it easy to customize your position and angle. The RLX truly goes above and beyond to maximize your comfort by supplying GPS-linked Climate Control. This innovative system tracks the sun’s intensity and location inside the vehicle and adjusts the temperature to accommodate any variations. So no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll always be comfortable!

Both long and short journeys can become tedious unless you have access to plenty of interior entertainment. Thankfully, you’ll be covered with the 2018 Acura RLX! Your favorite bands will be enhanced by the exquisite Acura/ELS®1 14-speaker audio system, while features like HD Radio™ and SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio2 ensure that you’ll always have plenty of options at your disposal. In addition, you can also hook up your personal device by using the USB port for convenient access to custom playlists through the infotainment display. Finding your way to a new destination is a breeze with the standard Acura Navigation System3. Not only will you receive turn-by-turn directions, but you’ll also receive traffic updates if you enhance this advancement with AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™4.

If you desire thrills, the Acura RLX is prepared to deliver! This full-size sedan is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that exudes a commanding 310-hp and 272 lb.-ft. of torque, getting you to work in record time. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this system provides you with outstanding control and precision, responding to the slightest touch. Additionally, standard Agile Handling Assist® helps you regain control of the RLX after a sudden maneuver. You’ll feel like you’re gliding through the air, even if you have to traverse bumpy roads, as this Acura is fitted with front and rear stabilizer bars, along with a 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension.

So, what is the largest sedan Acura makes? The answer is the unbeatable Acura RLX! To experience the 2018 edition of this luxury full-size sedan, swing by Pohanka Acura at your earliest convenience. Our staff is looking forward to showing off what this ride can do!


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  2. SiriusXM Satellite Radio, subscription purchasable after trial period. If you decide to continue your service at the end of your trial subscription, the plan you choose will automatically renew and bill at then-current rates until you call 1-866-635-2349 to cancel. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at siriusxm.com. Other fees and taxes will apply. All fees and programming subject to change. Not all vehicles are capable of receiving all services offered by SiriusXM. Current information and features may not be available in all locations, or on all receivers. XM satellite service is available only to those at least 18 years of age in the 48 contiguous USA and DC. SiriusXM Internet Radio service is available throughout our satellite service area and in AK, HI and PR. © 2017 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.
  3. Acura Navigation System and related features available only in the United States, Puerto Rico and parts of Canada. See your local Acura dealer for information regarding navigation system area coverage.
  4. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic is operable only in select markets within the 48 contiguous United States, as well as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The service is available at no cost for three years after purchase whereupon it will continue to be available on a subscription basis.