Introducing The All-New Acura True Touchpad Interface

Acura True Touchpad Interface - Interior View

Acura has developed and implemented some of the most advanced high-tech and infotainment systems available on today’s automobiles. The AcuraWatch system is highly regarded, and the standard safety features on most Acura models compare more than favorably with the systems found on cars and SUVs from competing automakers.

Now, Acura introduces the True Touchpad Interface, available on the 2019 RDX model. This system was designed to reduce driver distraction and make the job of finding information a snap. One of the biggest complaints from vehicle owners is the clumsiness of navigating screen menus and finding satisfying settings. All that has changed with the Acura True Touchpad Interface.


Touchpad Design

The interface comes with a touchpad that features a concave border, making it easy for drivers to focus on the center of the pad control. The item icons are highly visible, and they become highlighted when touched by a fingertip. However, the icon doesn’t respond unless pressure is applied. This greatly reduces the chance of hitting the wrong icon, something that causes driver distraction. The pad has a palm rest, making it easy to control the hand when driving.

Acura True Touchpad Interface


Two-Zone Design

The touchpad has primary and secondary menu and icon zones. These exactly correspond to the two screen windows on the huge, 10.5-inch display screen located above. This allows the driver to focus on things like incoming messages and navigation without disrupting the rest of the display. Screen swapping is a breeze, and the driver can easily enlarge one screen. Music and other media can be displayed on one screen while vehicle navigation can be displayed on the other. Voice recognition and even handwriting recognition are included.


Screen Shortcuts

There are three buttons located at the top of the touchpad. These allow the driver to return to a previous display. The screen can be jumped back to the previous display, returned to the home menu, and show a list of the screen cards. This is similar to what is found on most mid-range and high-end smartphone devices. This reduces glance time, something that drivers will really appreciate.


Advance Package Option

Buyers of the new RDX model will want to consider this affordable add-on. The package includes a head-up display that boasts crisp resolution and bright colors. The huge screen is full of icons that allow the driver to customize the overall display and keep a wealth of information in memory. The screen also has icons for retrieving info about the vehicle’s performance. This beautifully designed head-up display is perfectly positioned so that a slight rightward glance is all the drive needs to do in order to view the monitor.

The new 2019 Acura RDX is on display at Pohanka Acura, and the buzz is all about the vehicle’s long list of standard and optional features. A highlight is the newly designed Acura True Touchpad Interface, a quantum leap forward in the category of driver convenience. See this remarkable system today by scheduling an inspection and test drive of this luxury model at Pohanka Acura.

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